10 Accessories quinceanera that can not miss in your party XV

Although it is very common for girls to celebrate their feast of XV years like they did in the 90’s, there are still those who have a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to celebrate the coming of age that divides childhood from adulthood. During months of planning the big party, the guests, the reception, the music and the details that will be given away as souvenirs, even, the dress becomes an important issue, but what about the accessories?

In addition to that help enough for a girl to look different and beautiful, can also function to make you feel more comfortable and special on such an important day. If you are about to celebrate XV years, then you have to know that there are 10 accessories that will make life on the day of your party.

1. Get some comfortable shoes

Think of the hours of dancing that you will enjoy. Today, many teenagers resort to the typical slippers to rest, but they look really bad. An option to always look chic is to choose a few flats comfortable.

2. Don’t forget the formal shoes

Zapatos con piedras y diamantes en colo blanco

If you are one of those girls that can stand up to many hours in high heels, then simply opt for a size lower to not get tired quickly. Comes to choose the designs that are encrusted with jewels, or that are in the color nude, to match with everything.

3. Maxiaretes

Chica usando un vestido negro peinado recogido y maxi aretes

This year the maxiaretes are the trend, so if you want to join then you can choose from the classics like pearls, hoops large or extended forms.

4. You can also choose earrings discrete

Chica usando unas perlas como aretes

If yours are definitely not the flashy jewelry, then resort to a discrete design, original and feminine, like flowers, arm-shields, and drops.

5. Used underwear comfortable

Conjunto de topa interior en color verde menta

The underwear is, without doubt, a garment is very important, the more comfortable it you will be able to move with more ease, so think very well on what you want to wear under the layers of tulle.

6. Don’t forget to carry a bag

Bolso clutch en forma de corazón

Yes, believe it or not you need a small handbag or clutch to save a lip, a translucent finishing powder, your cell phone or any this small.

7. The collar is also important

Chica usando un vestido de xv años color azul con tiara y collar de piedras brillantes

Do you want to add another level to your look quinceanera? Then choose a choker necklace eye-catching, this way it will highlight your elegance. Just make sure that it is well with the neckline of your dress.

8. From royalty!

Chica usando una tiara

Not only the queens can wear tiaras or crowns. For such a special day as the XV years, the girls can afford the luxury of choosing a, no matter if it is of monumental size, or discrete, either will give you a look worthy of royalty.

9. What do you think a headband?

Chica usando una diadema de estrellas

Another trend that many quinceañeras and brides are following is the use of headbands with incrustraciones, can be pearl or bright. This is the perfect option if you want a look that’s youthful and classic

10. Do not forget the wrists

Chica usando una pulsera brillante en sus manos

And we do not speak precisely of Barbie. If your dress has a plain design, or if you’re not a fan of the necklaces and earrings then opt for a bracelet to wear. These will give you the sophistication and luxury that will complement your dress.