12 Celebrities who died too young; always will be missed

We all come into the world to enjoy, to exist, to be, but, in the same way, we get a point to say goodbye. Our body stops breathing, the circuits that move each limb begin to fade, organs fail one by one, until finally exhale the last breath. Some people live more than 100 years and others only for seconds.

Death is part of life and vice versa: to live means to die eventually, it is a reality that cannot be avoided. Some stars are extinguished quickly, but they persist in our memory for a long time thanks to his legacy. As the following celebrities who were laid off young people of this wonderful world.

Avicii in concert, Summerburst festival, Nya Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden - 30 May 2015

He left this world at 28 years old, with big hits such as Addicted To You, Wake Me Up and many more.

2. Seo Min-Woo

Seo Min-Woo

The singer and leader of the band of K-pop 100% died at 33 years of age. Left hits like Bad Boy and Beat M/V

Cory Monteith

It will always be Finn Hudson in our hearts; he departed at the age of 31.

Heath Ledger

This young actor we fell in love in 10 Things I Hate About You and many remember him as the Joker in The Dark Knight. He died at the age of 28.

5. Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Murphy left us at the age of 32, and we remember movies like Clueless and Uptown Girls.

6. Kim Jong Hyun

Kim Jong Hyun

This handsome singer / songwriter Korean died at the age of 27, leaving us quite sad, but we can remember him with Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer, singing with his fellow SHINee.

Amy Winehouse

A girl controversy, but will always be remembered for his great voice and each time that we sing Back to Black or You Know I m No Good. Passed to the beyond his 27 years.

8. Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin

He died at the age of 27, and to remember him we just need to see Star Trek and Star Trek Into darkness, in which he plays Chekov.


The singer of texan that left us with Amor prohibido and Bidi bidi bom bom; died at the age of 23.

10. Aaliyah


This young singer died at the age of 22; recordémosla dancing Rock The Boat.

Chester Bennington

The lead singer of Linkin Park was at the age of 41, but we remember singing In The End and Numb.

Marilyn Monroe

The actress most sensual of the golden age of cinema died at the age of 36. We love to remember seeing Some Like it Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

diana de gales princesa

One of the princesses most beloved, passed away at the age of 36.

14. Kurt Cobain

kurt cobain

The idol of the grunge of the nineties died at the age of 27, but it has left Smell Like Teen Spirit to the following generations.

Paul Walker

The blond guy of the franchise Fast and Furious left us at the age of 40; we will continue to sigh with her smile.