Ashley Graham uses photos of paparazzi without editing as images for new campaign

Ashley Graham is a woman who many of us admire, not only for its beauty but for its incredible girl power. Sometimes we think that the model could be perfect, and that is that we really can’t overcome that, in addition to imposing by his physical, has a personality very cool.

However, some designers have tried and rejected, despite the fact that she has been the face of several campaigns and important brands of fashion. This time surprise us again for a summer campaign in which he refused to use photoshop, with the intention of showing your body just as it is.

Ashley Graham is the heroine that breaks with the stereotypes

Chica con cabello largo y dorado

He is known for many reasons: it is a goddess, makes history in the magazines, you are sincere on issues such as insecurities about the body and the privilege of white people.

In its new campaign said NO to photoshop

chica caminando en la playa

Recently, Ashley teamed up with Swimsuits For All to launch a collection of swimwear and bikinis for all sizes. And as it is fought to the death with the photo editing, decided that the images for the advertising campaign of the collection had to remain untouched.

In addition, troleó to the paparazzi that try to destroy your image

chica modelando bikini de una pieza

I present to you my latest collection for @swimsuitsforall! We decided to use pictures from paparazzi without editing as the images for the campaign.

At the beginning of his work in Miami, the paparazzi followed and photographed next to your work group. At that time the team in charge of the advertising campaign, had an idea: to use the photographs without retouching for the promotion.

Those images without editing them, would remind the women that they are perfect by themselves and they already have a beach body perfect, and, of course, to sabotage the amarillismo that the paparazzi were trying to create around the body of Graham.

This could be the best work of the model

chica usando bikini blanco con negro

There is No doubt that Ashley is beautiful and his crusade of positivity body by a fashion industry more inclusive cause a stir.

This is why the collection is inspired by the style of art deco of the 20’s, includes nine pieces suitable for all tastes, sizes and shapes that cover the latest trends.

The Internet applauded his triumph

comentario en Twitter sobre Ashely Graham

comentario en Twitter sobre Ashely Graham

comentario en Twitter sobre Ashley Graham

Definitely, this could put Ashley as the mother of all models.