12 Types of jealousy that dominate your sign according to the stars and the horoscope

People experience jealousy when they feel they are being cheated by your partner, and all have had at least once in life. Perhaps some have done so with more intensity than others and now know what is the number one reason of the jealousy.

As in almost all the situations of life, the zodiacal signs influence, and in a matter of jealousy are not the exception; according to the sign of each and every girl, the feeling is getting better or worse. Do you want to know, how jealous are you? With the help of the stars now you’ll know if you’re one of those girls with jealousy and uncontrolled or very quiet.

1. Aries

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Those born under the sign of aries are not as jealousy, but if they see that your partner deceives them can be sweeping, like a volcano in eruption. Do not think twice and end the relationship; for the aries there are no second chances.

2. Taurus

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The people of this sign tend to be possessive with those they love, it causes them to be too jealous. When they discover an infidelity can forgive, but with great difficulty and never lose the opportunity to remind your partner the hurt that caused them.

3. Gemini

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Geminis tend not to be jealous, are usually entertained in other activities as well that don’t let them make you waste time. On the other hand, have the reputation of being the most unfaithful of the zodiac due to his rejection of the routine. When they are deceived, forgive with ease, but with the time they lose interest by the partner that was unfaithful.

4. Cancer

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Are the most jealous of the zodiac. For them, a betrayal is unforgivable because your partner occupies the central place in your life. You can forgive an infidelity making a huge effort, but never forget him and what reprocharán to your partner whenever they have opportunity; even, they tend to be very zealous with their children due to the nature sobrepotector that have.

5. Leo

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Usually do not are jealous because their self-confidence and pride are the prevent. However, they are one of the signs that more deception and suffering. The betrayal hurts them deeply, but your kind heart forgives easily.

6. Virgo

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Though they rarely show it, people with this sign tend to be jealous and distrustful. Virgos are experts at discovering infidelity without your partner noticing, gather evidence and then present them, this is how they end most of their relationship.

7. Pound

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People are aware of their charm and do not fear the competition, for this reason jealousy is not a part of their lives. Nor are they possessive. In general, it is them that cause the jealousy in his nature is to be pretty. But when they make up stories that only they believe, and lead them to have many problems in their relationship.

8. Scorpion

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Are also considered to be the most jealous of the zodiac. Your character proud can lead to even be blinded by jealousy to the point of losing control of a situation. The scorpion does not have a motive for zeal, but look for any detail to start a fight with your partner.

9. Sagittarius

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Those born under this sign do not show their jealousy, but on the inside they are angry. Give the appearance that they don’t care, even, they become indifferent to the situation by expressing that each is free to do as he pleases with his life.

10. Capricorn

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They have many difficulties to express openly their feelings, so when you feel jealousy the hidden. These actions may make them feel insecure. When they are deceived, forgive with ease only to maintain harmony in the relationship, but never forget and contain your anger for a long time.

11. Aquarium

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Usually aquarians do not feel jealousy. Like gemini, they tend to be involved in so many activities and projects that they forget to feel distrust of your partner. In addition, they tend to forgive the infidelity with ease because you understand and forget sincerely the betrayal if she speaks to them with honesty.

12. Pisces

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They are extremely jealous. Sometimes they themselves make up stories in your mind, and imagine in detail how your partner deceives them. His jealousy is the main reason why they tend not to last long in a relationship. When they are the victims tend to blame themselves for the deception, a situation that leads them to feel tormented.