Ryan Reynolds confesses to ‘annoying’ with Blake Lively by deleting it from Instagram

One of the couples of Hollywood that we love is that of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, because in addition to all the time show your immense love, have amazing sense of humor that they love to share with all his fans.

A couple of days he began to spread the rumor of a possible separation between these two famous news that really surprised us and left us ice cream. Without giving an explanation, the exprotagonista of Gossip Girl deleted it from his account of Instagram all of their photos, and even ceased to follow her husband, giving rise to a large number of speculations.

A carefully thought out advertising campaign

ryan reynolds y blake lively

But already, it has become clear that all this was a strategy of marketing for your new movie To Simple Favor (which stars alongside Anna Kendrick and that will be released next September 14]), we got a big shock to all.

Not to be missed

It is a thriller mystery directed by Paul Feig, and an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Is the story of a famous mommy blogger and her best friend, who mysteriously disappears and then the same thing happens with your husband. The story is full of lies, betrayals, revelations, and even a corpse.

It was really annoying

Ryan was shocked by what happened, so that in an interview for the australian Smallzy”s Surgery gave his point of view on what occurred:

Clear that has done me harm. It is a horrible way to discover that I have thrown out of the house, to be honest. Absolutely terrible. I don’t know where it comes from so much rage.

His daughter inherited the genes jokers of the actor

ryan y blake hija

It was an occurrence more of the actor, who is internationally recognized for his sense of humor. To continue with the joke, asked: what would be the reaction of his daughters when they had to explain the situation? And his response was epic:

‘Mom, since you do not follow daddy on Instagram’, and my daughter simply would fart and it would go.