Crazy theory on twitter ensures that the bodyguards of Kylie is the father of Stormi

Just when it seems that the Kardashian-Jenner have had enough drama, what will it be? What 24 hours?!, a new rumor is circulating around Kylie and that doesn’t sound right.

Fans on Twitter began a theory in which it is suspected that the small Stormi Webster is rather the daughter of a sexy bodyguard, who has worked for years with Kylie, and that previously also did for Selena Gomez.

Tim Chung is a handsome asian-american that, coincidence or not, shares cute traits with Stormi, and even though Kris Jenner is not happy with any of that, will this be just another conspiracy crazy the Internet?, do you or Travis have been cheated for a long time?

Some fans have been convinced that Stormi has another parent

What will it be? Let’s look at your theory

Tim Chung is his bodyguard for a long time

comparación hombre con corbata niña morena y hombre con trenzas

Fans on Twitter are confident that the features of Stormi are much more similar to those of Tim Chung that Travis Scott: from his eyes, the eyebrows, the entries of hair and even the color and shape of the lips.

But… I don’t know, Rick

hombre sonriendo confundido

We have a doubt… What’s not to most of the babies of 3 months have eyes ripped out?

This is a case for the FBI

Kris, perhaps you’re the one who is behind all of this? Not dudaríamos for even a second.

Here the question that is really IMPORTANT is…

hombre con playera verde militar

Does the side of this man who is fixed in another living being? Jenner, are you blind?

Father or not, Stormi, NO one should fire you

hombre con camisa blanca y saco en mano

Next to it is impossible not to sigh… of tranquility for live safe.

Tim Chung seems to not worry about these rumors

hombre con smoking y moño tomando foto espejo

The still the bodyguard of Kylie does not seem to be a little bit concerned about this conspiracy theory, he has remained active in their social networks, and seems unmindful of the rumors. Travis and Kylie, how do you feel about it?