15 Jokes hidden in your favorite movies that will surprise you Disney

The children’s films are made for adults full of creativity and connected with your inner child. That’s why when we see carefully we can find some jokes that have a mood more mature and rogue.

Jokes naughty-but are brazen, playful, mocking, and have some sexual references. Some of the productions of Disney to have this kind of jokes hidden in their dialogues. And only girls more ties, the understand.

1. The reference to the size of the foot in Frozen

Broma de frozen

2. Or perhaps the small reference to the of Linguini in Ratatouille

Broma de ratatouille

3. Or Krum and his shop in The follies of the emperor

broma de krum las locuras del emperador

4. Some are typical of the English: a hook is a hook; hooker is a prostitute

ella es una hooker - ramera - hook

5. Others are more subtle such as the reaction of Buzz to see Jessie


6. The comment of Mercury over the self-love in Hercules

broma coqueta de hercules

7. Or the erection of Flower to be kissed

zorrillo emocionado en disney

8. One can become TOO familiar with vegetables, you know!

broma de ratatouille

9. The reference to gay in Intensely

chiste osos gay

10. The comment flirty with the bus driver in Hokus Pokus

chiste hocus focus

11. Waitresses convertible… what do you mean?

chiste de cars

12. Only girls with humor sexi will understand

chiste de tragar semen xD

13. Cruella scored two jokes in one in 101 Dalmatians

chiste de cruella de vil

14. When the fans of the Lightning McQueen taught him the high

gif de las fans del rayo mcqueen

15. Finally, the Lord, Face of a Dad defending his wife

These Disney Jokes Were Funny When You Were A Kid, But Hilarious