Captain America premiered a beard in the film and we need that do not remove it ever

After the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, the Internet would not have been interested if Spider-Man wears a new suit, if the Hulk and Black Widow are reunited, or if Thanos is about to destroy the universe. What has most impacted the viewers has been the lush beard that looks like Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

The new character’s appearance has become a trend on Twitter and has been mentioned about 20 thousand times. Our good guy has become the man most desired.

Steve Rogers is now a sex symbol

chico con barba de candado

Everything indicates that it is best to see Avengers: Infinity War is the new look of Steve, with hair longer and a beard very attractive.

In its beginnings it was not very attractive

chico con uniforme sentado en un automovil

But the little Steve ended by reminding us of a lesson: “never ignore the guy ugly in high school”.

Managed to turn into the guy of our dreams

chico sin camisa y musculoso

And it was impossible to resist him.

Imagine the strength of their hugs

chico partiendo un tronco a la mitad

They would be perfect to snuggle up in there during a storm or a night of horror movies.

The intensity of their kisses

pareja de novios besandose

Sure to teach it to kiss after being frozen for so long would be a pleasure.

A romantic form of love

chicos visitando hospital

In truth Peggy was fortunate to be in your heart for so many years.

There is No doubt that Steve is one of the good guys

chico sin barba

Of those that all we want in our life.

But Steve with a beard… is the most sexy of the world

chico con barba

Just look at it: it is magnificent, majestic.

His long hair makes him more irresistible

chico con barba cerrada

In truth, who would not want to stick their fingers between that hair.

Steve has said goodbye to her sweet style

chico con barba

And we are completely grateful.

To become a bad boy

chico con barba

So bad that it’s sensually unrecognizable.

Even Thor noticed the magic of the beard of Steve

Escena de Avengers Infinity War

By the way, the change of Thor in this film is also applauded.

His change of look caused unexpected reactions

comentario en twitter sobre el capitan america

We don’t know yet if these cases are actually gave because of his beard or his amazing butt, because he also had an incredible change that you’ll end up thanking you.

Even got new followers

comentario en twitter sobre el capitan america

This was to be expected.

And best of all…

chico con barba en un avión

We may follow him seeing in more movies. Thank You, Marvel! By bringing our world superheroes so attractive.