15 Things you didn’t know Nick Robinson, the handsome actor of ‘Love’, ‘ Simon’

Nick Robinson is one of the guys more talented of Hollywood and his career is rising day by day due to its great elegance and personality. Nick entered the industry of acting at the early age of 11 years through a play called A Christmas Carol.

He worked hard until he found the role of Ryder Scanlon on Melissa and Joey. It has also been in several films successful, but there is data that you probably did not know of this gentleman.

1. Appeared in the show of Melissa and Joey

chico abrazando a una chica del hombro

This was the first program in which he participated, and is the one that brought him to fame.

2. Conquered to the production with his talent

chico bajo la ducha

Usually the filters to stay with some role, at least that is, they are several, but to Nick, only it took only two auditions for her first role.

3. You have a very large family

chico con su familia

Nick has four brothers, all younger than him, and two half brothers, both older than him.

4. He dropped out of school to act

chico sentado en una silla

He was accepted into the University of New York, but waited a year to enter because I was too busy acting.

5. His first film was produced by Disney

chica y chico tomados de las manos

Frenemies is the name of the tape in which Nick appeared, and although he did not take the levels of High School Musical, was also very successful.

6. Zendaya is your best friend

chicos posando para una foto

This talented actress was one of his first friends in the artistic medium, and continue to maintain contact.

7. It is one of the actors highest of Hollywood

chico modelando ropa

Nick measured 1.88 meters. If you want an appointment with him is sure that you will have to wear high heels.

8. He has taken his talent outside of the screen

chico usando chaqueta color beige

In addition to acting in tv series and movies, has also been involved in theatre since the age of 11.

9. He was to appear in a saga

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Nick starred alongside Chloe Grace Moretz the movie The fifth wave, which follows from the series of books created by Rick Yancey. Unfortunately she was not the expected audience.

10. Soon he will conquer the heart of the world

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The handsome actor is the protagonist of the first feature-length gay of the Fox, called Love, Simon.

11. He has acted alongside Chris Pratt

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The most important role of Nick so far was in Jurassic World. This was the second highest grossing movie of 2015.

12. Was considered for a role as iconic of the film

chico regalando rosas a una chica

Nick was about to get the role of Augustus Waters in the film Under the same star, but in the end Ansel Elgort was the winner.

13. Their fans are the most daring

chico mordiendo sus labios

The actor said during an interview that on one occasion two of his fans came to greet him and presented him with an envelope containing photos of both naked.

14. Is the guy more romantic

galleta de la suerte

To ask out a girl to a dance high school, Nick baked a fortune cookie in which you inserted a piece of paper with the message: “do you Want to go to the dance with me?”, to which she replied yes.

15. His talent is not in acting

chico usando chaqueta de mezclilla

Nick also knows how to play the ukulele.