On the 30th of April there will be a pink moon; and so will affect your relationships according to your zodiac sign

The night of 30 April, the sky will stain pastel color. The native americans called this phenomenon pink moon by the phlox wild (first flower of the season at birth).

The phenomena of lunar always attract attention and this year we have already witnessed two blue moons and a whole month without a full moon. If we speak only of the pink moon, this could bring big changes to your relationship, depending on your zodiac sign.


pareja de novios paseando en carrusel

The girls aries does not fall in love easily, they prefer their solitude above all, but sometimes they get bored. At this time, could meet a companion and the pink moon will help them to strengthen their ties.


pareja de novios bailando en la sala de su casa

Nothing is more boring than a relationship monotonous, out of the comfort zone, to talk about new things, learn about other realities will give your relationship a plus during the pink moon.


pareja de novios en el mar

Unlike other signs, gemini does not like surprises, and the pink moon brings a lot of that: changes the sentimental, insecurities, wanting to say that you have saved from long ago.


pareja de novios sentados en un auto

The girls of cancer are somewhat suspicious, today can be fine and the next day can totally change the decision. The pink moon brings to these times of changes.


pareja de novios paseando en bicicleta

Leo needs challenges. It is a good time to get a new group of friends and maybe give yourself completely to love.


pareja de novios cocinando

Virgo confuses love with friendship or with anything else. The pink moon will help you to be more sensible in the moment of your making love.


Pareja de novios bailando en la calle

If you’re in a relationship, avoid mimetizarte: go out with friends, do things you enjoy, spend time to yourself.


chico cargando a su novia

Scorpio is a sign that knows how to balance the love and the fun, and the pink moon to help find a person with the same characteristics.


pareja de novios comiendo pizza

The distance in your relationships will be useful. If you are in a relationship with doubts, that distance you will clarify the picture.


pareja de novios bajo las estrellas

If you have a steady partner, the luna rosa will strengthen; if you’re single, you should go out and take an ice cream or go to the cinema with someone. Magical things could happen.


chico besando a su novios en la frente

The pink moon will open your eyes, for good and for bad. Careful with the broken hearts.


chica cubriendo sus ojos

An intense relationship will come to you, and the luna rosa will strengthen his feelings.