15 Girls Disney that they would shine almost as pretty as Ariel if you also were Sirenitas

The Disney princesses are favorite characters of million of illustrators, above all, to perform experiments that visual. In fact, the princesses lend themselves to being illustrated and reimaginadas of many, many ways.

Now we find ourselves with a series of drawings made by the illustrator and designer Lady.Holly on Instagram, in which we can see Pocahontas, Beauty, Cinderella, among others, as if they were sirens, living in the world of Ariel.

1. Cinderella no longer cares about their shoes


2. Pocahontas travels the world across the sea

diseño de Pocahontas como sirena

3. Bella has found a new library, aquatic

diseño de Bella como sirena

4. Tiana already opened its restaurant marine

diseño de Tiana como sirena

5. Jazmin has found a new and wonderful lamp

diseño de Jasmine como sirena

6. Merida is ready for a new adventure

diseño de Merida como sirena

7. Rapunzel can’t wait to see what is around them

diseño de Rapunzel como sirena

8. Moana has managed to live in the ocean

diseño de Moana como sirena

9. It seems that Lilo and Nani have been changed to Stich

diseño de Lilo como sirena

10. It is not a princess official Disney, but Anastasia looks spectacular

diseño de Anastasia como sirena