Known the eyes to be more green in Scotland: Thomas Doherty is the new kid on Disney stealing sighs

If you’re a fan of the productions of Disney Channel, then maybe you’ve turned into your crush at several of the good looking guys that we have presented them in your fantasy. And maybe you already know the amazing Thomas Doherty, one of the protagonists of the tape – The Descendants 2.

This sexy actor from the green lands of Scotland and is 23 years old. Has maintained a relationship with his partner on the set of Dove Cameron for more than a year. Do you already know who you’re talking about? Isn’t it? Well, get ready to meet this cute ojiazul because among its plans is to conquer Hollywood.

Its beginning

thomas doherty

Thomas studied performing arts and then began working as a waiter in Edinburgh at a restaurant called Tigerlilly. In his free time he attended auditions to get a role in The Lodge, a popular british series. In addition, he worked in the theatre company Edinburgh Fringe.

With a seductive accent

thomas doherty

Finally got a role in The Lodge called to Be, and to do that he had to undergo intense training in mountain biking; the result was his incredible abdomen.

Was he the son of Hook

thomas doherty

Later he appeared at the audition for the film The Descendants 2 and got the role of Harry Hook, the son of the evil captain Hook of Peter Pan. The tape was filmed in Vancouver, Canada, in 2016.

New projects

thomas doherty

In 2017, it was announced that Doherty would be interpreted by the role of Zander in the film by Michael Damian High Strung: Free Dance, which will premiere in mid-2018. Due to the theme, there are rumors that Thomas will become the next Zac Efron.


thomas doherty

Its popularity is on the rise thanks to the fact that in August 2017, was appointed by the magazine Vogue as one of the boys most sexy of the world.

Do not lose the track

thomas doherty

Now that you know who he is, we are sure that you will not miss even a single step of his career. Don’t worry, we will be aware of everything you do, and you will know, because we also love!