17 Tips to make your suitcase; you won’t bring the closet integer to a weekend trip

The days of heat are becoming increasingly intense, so the weekend trips to the beach can arise at any time. If you are one of those who pack the night before, and fan everything fit inside the suitcase, I have to tell you that what you’ve been doing wrong and it is worth to take your time.

Choose wisely the clothes and accessories you will not only will help you travel with less clothing, but to set your mind at ease your looks and to enjoy more of your break. Here are 17 rules for making a bag without bringing your whole closet.

1. It only takes a suitcase and hand bag

mujer con maleta y bolsa de mano

Choose the handbag depending on the trip. For example, if you’re going to the beach try to have a bag of straw.

2. Store your shoes in bags of cloth or bathing caps

zapatos guardados en gorra de baño dentro de maleta

This will help to maintain order and cleanliness in your suitcase.

3. Saves space by rolling your clothes

maleta con ropa enrollada colores rosas y gris

The best thing is that your clothes will have fewer wrinkles when you arrive at your destination to vacation.

4. Wears bikinis and bathing suits in plastic bags

bolso de plastico para guardar ropa

If returning from some activity your swimwear is wet and you don’t want to get together with the dry clothes.

5. Carries coats light

mujer rubia con cardigan color blanco

A cardigan white is a good choice.

6. Get this bag star

neceser de viaje gris con rayas blancas

Is the maximum, it fits all your make-up stand.

7. Brings a palette of makeup versatile

paleta de contour con bronceador y rubor

For example, this set of bronzer, blush and illuminator, although their main function is the contouring, you can use it for shadows.

8. Get a case that can take your cell phone to the beach

bolsas de plástico para celular

It will be the best investment if you want good photos in a bikini, but without putting in risk your mobile.

9. Store your perfume in a small version for travel

perfume mini para viaje árbol y flores

Do you always wonder why people give fragrances in mini version? This is the reason and the perfect time to use them.

10. Choose 3 lip basic

labiales de tres colores basicos nude rosa y rojo

From the nude until one more intense if you go out at night to a party.

11. Wears pajamas comfortable and decent

pijama de color azul con flores

Also a gown with which you feel at ease if the guest this weekend will be you.

12. Save your hair products in small containers

envases pequeños para almacenar shampoo y acondicionador

Here you’ll be able to save your shampoo, conditioner and even hair treatment without the need of the entire bottle.

13. A microfiber towel will save you space

mujer rubia con lentes y toalla microfibra

Dry like a towel as normal and occupy just a corner of your suitcase.

14. Keep your earrings and small rings in pillboxes

pastillero para guardar aretes y anillos en viajes

So you won’t lose any accessory on your travels.

15. Throw your necklaces in straws to that neat

collar y popote para viajes no enrreda

Say goodbye to knots in your chains favorite.

16. Carry a small portfolio if sales of feast

mujer mano y bolso metalico plata

A in metallic color will be a good choice because it goes with everything and never goes out of fashion.

17. Keep your pins simple and practical way

caja tic tac

Never throw these containers mentitas, always can help you to not lose your bobby pins.