15 Movies about ‘the not too distant future’ that represent problems in today’s society

The future is a world of possibilities, the options are on the table: it’s just a matter of choice and the time to take us on the paths of life. This applies as humanity and as individuals, our actions impact in the next few days.

If today we take care of the water and produce less waste, we will have a greener planet and happy; if we decide to do otherwise, it could be a day in which there will be no more liquid is vital. Many writers have embodied in their works future apocalyptic. Then a series of films that makes us aware of our actions in the present.

1. Her

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Still not got to the point of fall in love with Siri, or Alexa, but who knows in a couple of years.

2. Okja

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The meat industry is in trouble and to continue with the production should be genetically modifying animals. Any resemblance with reality is mere coincidence.

3. The Hunger Games

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Perhaps we are not separated by districts isolated under a world power, but we must pay attention and try to be more united than ever.

4. Avatar

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A future in which we will be able to travel at the speed of light and discover new planets to exploit.

5. Ready Player One

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In 2045 the world is invaded by a virtual reality called OASIS, all of humanity tries to escape and build a new life. Virtual reality, social networks… it seems that nothing has changed.

6. Matrix

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Another movie where humanity lives in a virtual reality without realizing it. Perhaps it is time to rest a little the social networks and to interact with the people of flesh and bone.

7. Wall-e

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In this Pixar animation, the humans have abandoned the Earth be full of rubbish. In the meantime, they travel through space, more sedentary than ever and engaged in advertising.

8. Interstellar

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Man survives by cultivating corn and in the face of pests that undermine the Land. Now it is time to seek a new planet to inhabit.

9. Blade Runner

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A world where cars fly and the androids are so similar to humans that only a few people can tell them apart. In addition, this film has its sequel: Blade Runner 2049, starring the handsome Ryan Gosling.

10. A. I. Artificial Intelligence

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A child’s android is the solution for couples who can’t procreate. The difficult part comes when David realizes he is not human.

11. Twelve Monkeys

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James Cole (Bruce Willis) must travel back in time to stop the spread of the virus that is causing the population decline in the future.

12. V for Vendetta

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Evey lives in an England dominated by the dictatorship and his mysterious friend masked hero seeks to free the citizens by means of revenge.

13. Equilibrium

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A society governed by a system which prohibits the feelings to keep order among the people. John Preston (Christian Bale) works to eliminate the people with emotions.

14. Ghost in the Shell

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The Largest (Scarlett Johansson) is an agent cyborg that aims to fight against cyber terrorism and crimes in technology.

15. I, robot

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With the current technological advances it would not be unusual in a couple of years already we have robots with greater understanding of human feelings.