10 Steps to get your lips perfect; learn from the exfoliate to save more in labial

We know that in the makeup it is important to highlight the eyes, but we must also make the lips look perfect and sexy. It does not matter if they are big or guys, the key point of a good lip makeup is to make it look fuller, of course, never coming to the exaggeration as Kylie Jenner.

There are certain tricks that can help us to highlight them, but it’s definitely the red color makes everything more easy. With either matte or with gloss, red lips never go out of fashion, although sometimes it is not easy to paint, especially for the girls that we are not used to put make-up on all day. So here are a few tips to get red lips perfect.

1. Exfólialos

Chica exfoliando sus labios con azúcar

The first step to achieve the lips spectacular consists of exfoliarlos, so you can pick up the dead skin that causes the sores have small cracks. After you will notice the soft look.

2. It moisturizes your lips

Chica con los labios partidos

It is the second most important step, in this way you will make them look more healthy and you will ensure that the color highlight.

3. Choose a suitable tone for your skin

Chica mostrando diferentes tonos de labial

If your skin is very clear, then opt for reds with warm touches of orange. If you have a complexion more brown, then the tones pink and blue such as fuchsia or purple go well.

4. Delínea your lips

Chica delineando sus labios con un lapiz

Use a darker shade than the color of the lip, this will help you to define the thickness of your lips and prevent lipstick smudging.

5. Apply a little base

Chica aplicando base y corrector en sus labios

If you want to color is as seen in the lip, then use a little foundation or concealer on your lips, this way you will ensure that the lipstick to adhere to a more even-toned.

6. The brushes can be a great ally

Chica aplicando labial con una brocha

If you use a brush to apply the lipstick you will do it in a way much more precise.

7. The gloss will make them look more fleshy

Chica aplicando gloss en los labios para hacernos más carnosos

If you want your lips to look fuller then added a bit of gloss in the center of your bottom lip, this will give the illusion that you are wider.

8. Used translucent finishing powder

Chica aplicando polvo traslucido en los labios

If you’re wearing a dark color, then put a translucent finishing powder over the color to seal it, this way you will avoid smudging and the lipstick will last much longer.

9. To achieve a matte effect is simple

[embedded content]

Apply a little blush of dull after you’ve painted the lips, it is recommended to put a layer to achieve a look more natural, but if you want a matte intense then uses two layers.

10. Apply the lipstick the right way

Manera correcta de aplicar el labial

The lipstick should be applied from the corners toward the inside, this will cause the lips to keep a look filling and juicy.