15 Garments and accessories from the ‘ 90s that, like it or NOT, they are back in fashion

The style street explains that the trends imposed in previous years are being a total success in the current era. On this occasion the turn is for the accessories, bands in the hair, chokers and even shoes with feathers, are some of the add-ons noventeros that are back to being all crazy.

The pins and donuts for the hair will also come back to life. Yes, the same one you used when you went to primary, but now in a version more renewed.

1. Headbands

chica usando bandas para el cabello

From the thinnest to the most thick, wear headbands or mascadas in the hair is a trend this year.

2. Minigafas to the sun

chicas usando gafas de sol

If you thought that these lenses will never again be fashionable, you were a mistake.

3. Caps

chicas usando gorras

The designs more colorful with patterns on them, are another of the big trends noventeros that are back.

4. Headbands, zigzag

chicas usando diademas

Do not hesitate to use them when you want to recreate a hairstyle that’s sophisticated and original.

5. Bags transparent

bolsas transparentes

If you were a fan of the bags with transparencies, in which you could see exactly everything that you carried, that you will love.

6. Donuts

chicas usando donas para el cabello

You can use them to hold your ponytail or wear them as bracelets on the wrist.

7. Choker

diseños de chockers

From 2017 the chokers had a great comeback and this year will continue to be the accessory more hot that you’ll be able to use.

8. Pins

broches para el cabello

Use them to give a touch more feminine to your look.

9. Shoes with feathers

zapatos con plumas

Cher from Clueless would be proud to see you walk with them.

10. Tweezers

pinzas para el cabello

11. Flatforms

chicas usando plataformas

The footwear more popular of the Spice Girls has also brought back to life.

12. Double bun

chicas usando bun en el cabello

Become your hairstyle favorite.

13. Makeup metallic

chicas usando maquillaje metalico

Just remember not to recharge too.

14. Dresses with flowers

chicas usando vestidos con flores cortos

What’s more chic for spring.

15. Coveralls

chicas usando overoles

The new staple of your wardrobe.