Mario Casas may act in ‘The house of paper’; the third season would be more than PERFECT

Since the beginning of April, it was announced that Netflix will produce a third season of house role, strong rumors circulated about a possible new member to the band of robbers.

In a moment they came to think that this thief apprentice would be played by the argentine actor Chino Darín. Now that has changed, because it speaks of another candidate for the role and is nothing more and nothing less than another heartthrob adored by the Spanish, and of course… it’s also latino! The charming Mario Casas. What actor do you like more?

The return will be until 2019

Mario house is the new member of the 3rd part of the house of paper

Posted by Gaby Guezz on Saturday, April 21, 2018

On April 18, the profile the official Instagram of Netflix Spain announced the countdown to the premiere of the third season, which will see up to 2019.

There is a masked for you to discover

In the image it is unknown who will be the fifth member of the band of robbers with the mask of Dali.

What chinese Darin or Mario Casas?

hombre con chaleco y bigote hombre sin camisa amarrado mario casas chino daribn

Although for the moment nothing is confirmed, what is interesting is the strength with which it has changed the choice of Chinese Darin to Mario Casas. What new reaver you would like more in the series?