The ‘Pandora’ fighting for Luis Miguel in full concert is the most REAL you’ll see today

Then for the expectation that was generated around the release of his bioserie, career and personal life of Luis Miguel are the themes of the time on the Internet.

And just now has emerged on social media a video in which we see Luismi singing a duet with the members of Pandora the song How you will, my love, to awaken the nostalgia of many. But nothing as epic as the time in which, among the members fight it out for The Sun.

In effect, Luis Miguel undoing friendships on the stage, it is like when there is only one handsome boy and THREE friends.

Attention to minute 4.15

[embedded content]

In the video we see Luis Miguel performing, with only 17 years, the romantic theme with the then also young Isabel Lascuráin, Mayté Lascuráin and María Fernanda Meade.

Isabel: ‘why so lost? I retaliate to here!

grupo de chicas cantando

Of course the Internet reacted to this action in the best way: “when your friends and you rent stripper and just dances to a”.

There is No doubt that all the girls died for him

chico tocando su cabello

Now I understand why she liked both my aunts.