Shakira loses lawsuit for plagiarism of ‘The Crazy’; the original author explains that there is no grudges

In 2014, the singer and songwriter of dominican Tasting presented before the authorities of the city of New York a lawsuit against Shakira, alleging that it had been he who wrote the theme song to Crazy with his tiger, a song that is part of the successful drive of the 2010 the sun Comes out.

Finally, a court in the Big Apple, was in charge of resolving the claim and has given its verdict in favour of the singer Eduard E. Bello, who would have composed the subject in 2007 and were he himself who presented it to the colombian.

It was not a collaboration

shakira y el cata

In fact, The Tasting notes appear in the music video for the song, but did not agree with that ensured that it was a co-author of the topic, and stated that they had attempted to strip it of its rights over the song.

Today belongs to me and has cost me being out of my job for a long three years, but it has been proven my innocence and this song is ours.

There is No grudge

el cata demanda a shakira

The Tasting explained that at no time the lawsuit was against Shakira, but that it had lodged a complaint to Sony, the record label that owns the colombian. According to the dominican republic, the legal battle affected the interpreter because both collaborated in the creation, but never tried a lawsuit for plagiarism.

In addition, attempted to prove that there was any kind of resentment against the Barranquilla, expressed his gratitude for it and sent him a message.

I feel lucky and happy to have demonstrated that The Tasting always had the reason and that there is discord among colleagues. I am more than grateful to her, because this has given him a change to my career.

I love you, my life, I don’t blame you, you have your reasons; I showed her the song, but it is our.

It was not your fault

shakira pierde demanda

Shakira spoke about this issue recently in the media.

I changed the lyrics, especially the English version. This demand was not for me, but the one who introduced me to the song.

The version of Shakira in 2010

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The original, 2007

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