10 Bags of the Looney Tunes which would you wear to the office, to never stop being a girl

If you’re a girl of the 90s is sure to remember the multiple attempts of the cat Sylvester to catch as Piolín, enraged that they put Taz into a tornado, and the times in which the Coyote failed to use explosive brand ACME.

Now your childhood friends are back, and it is no thanks to a remake , but the brand of handbags Danielle Nicole. On this occasion, the signature was inspired by the Looney Tunes to launch their new line of bags with the that you will look casual, relaxed, and with a colorful accent that will dates back to your childhood.

1. I think I’ve seen a cute bag

chica recargada en su propia mano

2. Become a whirlwind of fashion next to Taz

chica modelando un vestido rojo con plumas

3. Luke and Bugs are willing to save your makeup

chica usando ropa holgada y oscura

4. Wild is ready to devour your accessories

chica con un bolso de gato

5. Gossamer will accompany you in the romantic moments

chica usando un bolso en forma de corazón

6. Porky will be a nice company

chica usando bolso redondo

7. You can opt for the hand versions to look more chic

chica con bolsos colgados en el cuello

8. This is dynamite and pure, and the Coyote knows

chica usando vestido de tirantes rojo

9. Get a look of another world next to Marvin

chica usando vestido negro con bolsas grandes

10. Don’t miss the joke next to Bugs

chica cargando un bolso de conejo