15 Fun photos ‘collage’ that combine pop culture with classic art

Today, with so much culture pop spread in social networks, there are many artists who choose to play with works of art of the past and give them a spin current. One of them is the graphic designer japanese Shusaku Takaoka, known for its fun collages in which displays famous paintings blended with scenes of everyday life and with Disney characters.

On this occasion we will show their latest designs in which merges iconic characters of movies and stars, pop paintings by well-known Leonardo da vinci, or Gustav Klimt. It is a critical fun towards the consumerism, the culture millennial and the virtual life. The question is: what is your Mona Lisa favorite, the Pulp Fiction or Titanic?

1. Rihanna as the girl with the earring pearl

rihanna en la chica del arete de perla shusaku takaoka

2. Jude Law van Gogh

shusaku takaoka jude law van gogh

3. Beatrix Kiddo, the more courageous revolutionary

shusaku takaoka kill bill

4. Audrey Hepburn embellished with a fragment of a painting by Klimt

shusaku takaoka audrey hepburn

5. The Mona Lisa enjoying a cigarette as Mia Wallace

 shusaku takaoka la mona lisa thurman

6. The young Natalie Portman in the room of Vincent

shusaku takaoka natalie portman van gogh painting

7. The son of Pharrell

shusaku takaoka pharrel magritte

8. The Face of the ermine

shusaku takaoka cara delevingne el vison

9. Ewan McGregor Vitruvian

shusaku takaoka da vinci trainspoitting ewan mcgregor

10. A Madonna praying of the TWENTIETH century

shusaku takaoka virgen madonna

11. The freedom guiding the people and Vincent Vega saving Mia Wallace

shusaku takaoka pulp fiction

12. Vincent, Lisa and Jules Winnfield

 shusaku takaoka pulp fiction

13. The passionate kiss of Rose Lisa and Jack

shusaku takaoka la mona lisa titanic

14. A fusion of beauty timeless

 shusaku takao kendall jenner

15. How about Michael Jackson reinterpreting The Kiss

shusaku takao klimt michael jackson