20 Guys from Disney that strangely were once your crush of small

We have a special fondness for the stories of princesses, but Disney also has other characters that are charming; guys that made us sigh of small, some of them just aroused admiration in our hearts, as members of the animal kingdom.

For those gallant knights, brave, handsome and with a great sense of humor is that we decided to make a compilation of the boys by Disney that anyone could fall in love with. Includes princes, secondary characters and animals.

1. Simba


It’s fun, has a beautiful mane and a kingdom to offer. In addition, he is an expert in dealing with women, after living among lionesses.

2. Li Shang

li shang

Needs No explanation, we just need to see those biceps.

3. Woody


It is a cowboy protecting his own above all, in addition to know how to love unconditionally.

4. Roger


Has an excellent sense of humor and also a composer. It is brave, kind, and very tender.

5. Tarzan


It is the perfect boyfriend for an adventurous girl, who enjoys living in nature and want to learn how to talk with animals.

6. Prince Philip

principe felipe

He dances, sings, likes to fight with dragons and is an expert in awakening in girls with a kiss.

7. Robin Hood

robin hood

Is a thief who helps the poor, that justifies it. Is a master in the art of disguise, has a good sense of humor and is an excellent archer.

8. Carl Fredicksen

carl fredicksen

Is the only guy who has experienced the eternal love.

9. Peter Pan

peter pan

Inside he continues to live his inner child, this guarantees a relationship full of fun.

10. Hercules


It is a demi-god, a body of infarction and a charming smile.

11. Aladdin


It is the clear example that when a boy is a good game hiding a prince inside.

12. Prince Eric

principe eric

Just look at his beautiful blue eyes, his mane dark and this personality is sweet that you have.

13. Flynn Rider

flynn rider

The thief who stole our heart.

14. Alfredo Linguini

alfredo linguini

A boy is sensitive, it kitchen wonder, accompanied by Remy.

15. Kristoff

kristoff frozen

He is very sweet, also has a pair of big eyes and gentle, a friend of reno and a kind heart.

16. Prince Naveen

Príncipe Naveen

Almost all the film was a toad, but when she turned human had to say: hello, handsome!

17. David Kawena

david kawena

We love your tan, it is very tender with Lilo and there is nothing more sexy than a guy that knows surf.

18. Prince Adam

principe adam

You have lips that say: “kiss me!

19. Milo Thatch

milo thatch

Perhaps you do not have a physical dream, but yes a big heart and something even more valuable: a curious mind.

20. John Smith

john smith

Has a hair enviable, eyes very cute and is willing to see colors in the wind.