Man attacks sexually to a girl who is ‘helpless’; the stalker takes a punch of his life

Sexual harassment is an uncomfortable situation that women have to fight daily. That’s why a lot of girls are beginning to learn self-defense techniques, as Leanna Carr. Recently was on vacation in Dublin, Ireland, and unfortunately your experience was not good. With an image of her knuckles swollen, Carr showed that he had hit a man who was sexually assaulted in the street.

Never I am a violent person, and had never hit anyone before, but I got so angry and had so much adrenaline running through my body that I had to hit him. I left him a cheekbone swollen.

After that the adrenaline was gone, Carr doubted the manner in which he had to act, so he shared the image on Twitter. There, hundreds of people offered their support and shared over 25 thousand times the history. In this way Leanna encouraged that more women feel able to defend themselves if they are in a similar situation.

Leanna Carr became popular after hitting a man

Leanna Carr chica que se defendió de un acosador en Dublín

During your vacation in Dublin, Leanna was sexually assaulted by a man in the street, so he used his skills in self defense and did not hesitate to hit him to defend herself.

Shared on Twitter an image of their hands

Comentarios en twitter de chica que se defendió de un acosador en Dublín

On her Twitter account, told his experience to defend themselves. She admits that if the attack had occurred in a place not so public, would not have had the confidence to react this way. But as the assault happened during the day and on a busy road he didn’t doubt it for a second.

After the event, Leanna felt guilty

Leanna Carr chica que se defendió de un acosador en Dublín

After that the adrenaline was not was so sure of the decision you have hit it. But with its publication on Twitter has received the support of hundreds of people, although many were not sure that the story would have been true.

Carr gave a response very successful

Leanna Carr chica que se defendió de un acosador en Dublín

Because many doubted that the story would have happened in Dublin, she responded in the best way:

Maybe you haven’t seen it, but that does not mean that it does not happen. No matter in which country you are in. Sexual harassment occurs every day by strangers and the majority of women do not know how to defend or are afraid to do so.

The man had to think twice before attacking you

Leanna Carr chica que se defendió de un acosador en Dublín

Leanna practiced weightlifting in a professional manner, so that it has a great strength in your arms, but admits that at another time might have been too intimidated to defend themselves:

In the past, I probably would have felt too shocked and I probably would have withdrawn, but if not I would have defended that man would have continued to attack innocent women.