Avirl Lavigne makes his first appearance in years with a new look; it announces the release of new album!

Avril Lavigne became famous at the beginning of 2000, when it was known as the Princess of Pop Punk. Many sing Complicated, My Happy Ending and Girlfriend. It was an icon of youth rebellion, with its light-hearted approach and letters of inspiration to the young people.

In 2014, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a condition that causes problems in the nervous system, in the appliance motor, skin and the heart. Took a break to return in 2015 to the music scene with its easy-to – Fly. He then decided to take another break, this time for two years. The good news is that it is back and prettier than ever.

Avril appeared on the red carpet

 avril lavigne nuevo look

At the Gala, Race to Erase Ms, an association that is dedicated to search for new treatments for multiple sclerosis.

Looks like a lustrous blonde tresses

avril lavigne nuevo look
Opted for a black dress with a neckline in “V”, and rollers natural to show off at the Beverly Hills hotel, where was held the gala.

It seems that we will be surprised with a new album

avril lavigne nuevo look
In an interview he gave to E! News, Avril said that she is ready to launch his new album next month.

It’s an album that’s pretty powerful. I’ve been working on this for three years. This time I can actually say that in two weeks it ended and that I will be releasing this year.

An album with songs full of feeling

 avril lavigne nuevo look

I’ve been writing songs that are very powerful, true, honest and sincere. I have gone through many personal things in these two years, and I’ve taken advantage of that.

An album more mature

avril lavigne nuevo look

I want to say, it is always like this, but with this album is different… I am also producing the songs. It is more of a disk vocal, to listen to the lyrics and feel the emotion in the voice. It has a lot of piano in addition. All the waiting and hard work on my part will bear fruit, I promise.

I’ll wait anxious for your new production!

I know that my fans have been waiting for a long time and many of them are not happy. I say: ‘Ok, what happens with this disc?’. But believe me, I’m doing everything I can and I want you to be ready and that everything is perfect, there is a lot of care behind this.