Step of mascot in Disneyland to world-famous model ‘plus size’; ¡an agent changed your life!

Become a model successful is the dream of many women who every day fight for a place in the fashion industry, but for Beautiful Golden everything happened as in a fairy tale. Apparently, her fairy godmother granted her dream and without having to queue for the auditions.

It all happened when this girl, who worked at the Disneyland resort in California dressed in a mascot, decided to leave a message on the account of Instagram of the model plus size Iskra Lawrence. As if by magic, his wish was fulfilled and today is considered to be the next Ashley Graham.

Not thought to be possible

bella golden modelo plus size

Without wanting to, Bella was contacted by an agent who saw your comment and its beautiful appearance caught his attention. As she has a few extra pounds, he never thought that it could become a model, so when they contacted thought it was a joke.

I had never modeled

bella golden modelo plus size

My profile was private, but (agent) followed me and sent me a direct message the next day asking me if I was interested in modeling. I really thought that it was a scam at first because, unless you see a lot of America’s Next Top Model count, I had never done anything with modeling before.

The size is the least of it

bella golden modelo plus size

As it is not as large as other models from size extra, many people are surprised that they have it listed as such, but she is happy.

Don’t take it as something bad. In the fashion if you’re more of a size 4 (Ch) are considered plus size, is something crazy. I am a size 12 (G).

He suffered from bullying when she was a teenager

bella golden modelo plus size

The beautiful girl revealed that the girl suffered bullying and in his teens had to dress, thinking to cover her body from the glances that the incomodaban for having big hips.

I was not comfortable with my own skin and I lost many years of my life by trying to make the other feel comfortable.

Is growing rapidly

bella golden modelo plus size

Currently, Bella has signed a contract with the agency modeling Wilhelmina.

I hope that we can get to the point where the diversity is given by fact, and we don’t have to put labels to the people in accordance with their size, race, or disability. Between more different bodies show better, this way the girls that are growing up now will have something that can be identified.

He just wants everyone to be happy with their own bodies

bella golden modelo plus size

Its purpose is to promote the diversity and positivity in the body. She knows that learning to love yourself is not easy, but thanks to the social networks is now happier with herself.

I want that any 14 year old girl who follows me to feel comfortable with your body, so that on purpose I go out of my comfort zone to show them a different body on a beach regular, more than the perfect body, in a yacht at any place.