5 Ways in that a waist belt accentuates your curves; it’s the accessory that never went out of style!

Belts are an accessory that always helps, not only to the time of holding our clothing but also to give a different touch to our outfits and especially to accentuate our waist and give you that touch curvilinear that we love. We all have a belt in our closet, but almost never give the correct use.

Lately, we have seen that some famous models or stars of the street style have opted to display their belts, whether it be in coats, dresses or the jeans. So have shown that this accessory gives a special touch to any outfit. However, you have to know a few tips to lead you as an expert and as well to simulate a waist smaller.

1. So it defines the waist

Chica usando un vestido de lunares negros y cinturón negro

For the trick to accentuate the waist to work, it is necessary to use them on garments with volume, with sweaters, knits, dresses with flight or blouses cut pleplum. Remember, if you’re a girl small and thin then opt for thinner belts. If you are tall, the seat belts have to be thick.

2. With jeans are perfect

Olivia palermo usando pantalones negros blusa sin hombros y cinturón negro

Belts with jeans will always be a nice combination that will give a different flavour to your look, in addition they help you enhance your curves in a way more eye-catching. Choose designs with buckles wide, so that attention is focused on them. A guy that always works is to balance your accessories with your outfit to not look saturated.

3. The garments oversize will help you to define the silhouette

Bella hadid usando un maxi vestido y un cinturón café

If you want a waist with curves extremely sexy, then used clothing oversize and put a wide belt over them. If the belt is wide enough then you turn to tight-fitting garments, this will give you a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

4. The prints highlighted with gold tones

Blake Lively usando un jumpsuit estampado y un cinturón dorado de Chanel

For an outfit patterned highlight the ideal is to use belts of gold, this way a small gleam will stand out from among the textures flat. Another trick that you can execute is to wear shoes with a print which is different than the outfit or neutral colors.

5. The belts now function as bags

Kourtney kardashian usando un cinturon bolsa de chanel

Do you remember the cangureras of the 90’s? Since they have returned, but in a more sophisticated way. Belts with bag created by Chanel, in addition to make you say bye bye to huge bags, it will also help you to give a different touch to your jeans or dresses.