9 Celebrities we love to hate; the dramas of celebrities would not be the same without them

There are celebrities who make all our affection, even every time that we see in the movies or on tv make us smile. But in Hollywood, everything is not honey on pancakes, and there are other celebrities that we do not tolerate.

What is curious in the second case is that without them the gossip would not be the same, and one way or another we end up knowing everything about his life.

chica con corte de cabello pixie y rubio

I was at the top of the world when she recorded California Gurls alongside Snoop Dogg. But he soon began to make fun of other celebrities, he wanted to be funny and charming and became really hateful.

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You know that nothing really good happens when a person has problems with all, and that is Taylor Swift. Now it seems they hate the singer it is an olympic sport.

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Those who hate the Kardashian say they are like the real version and family of Regina George. But the truth is that the more you hate them, most love them. Are as a horrible vice that you always come back, inevitably.

4. Azealia Banks

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In 2011 he had a mega – hit and thanks to that, they say, you went up the smoke and now feels that it may annoy anyone who crosses his path. The problem is that it does so only to draw attention.

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At first they all loved JLaw because she was like us: he loves pizza and is kinda goofy. But all of a sudden began to feel it as a person hateful.

6. John Mayer

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On the Internet it says that Mayer is a hybrid of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. You have problems with anyone that approaches him.

7. Bella Thorne

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They say that it seems that never showered, that is drugged all the time and that might even be faking it just to get your attention.

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The whole world has a powerful reason to hate him: what he did to Rihanna. But the time has passed, he paid legally for what he did, but even so, the fact that ever hit a woman never to be effaced from our memory.

chica con labios en tono rojo pasión

On some occasions, certain actresses get very fast the ego to the head, as in the case of Lindsay, who went from being loved to being hated in a short time.