The true Luis Miguel appeared of surprise in the new series from Netflix and was more than epic

Much anticipated premiere of the bioserie about the life of Luis Miguel, and, fan or not of the music of The Sun, we recommend to see the first chapter! The story will enthrall you from the first minutes. The mystery behind some hidden parts in the life of this icon of music in Spanish will leave you wanting to know more.

And as a gift to the faithful followers of luis miguel, the series stole the heart with a cameo surprise that only the more fans we were able to recognize: the real Luis Miguel providing for the luis miguel series! Look here the paradox of space-time that you will live in nostalgia.

Sunday, 22 April premiered on Netflix Luis Miguel: The series

With Diego Boneta, who though physically not like Luismi, we must recognize that sings amazing and even manages to reach the timbre of the voice of the original Sun.

From the first minutes, the story we are hooked

mujer con cabello rizado y hombre rubio

The love between Mariana Yazbek and Luismi is the romance more bittersweet that we have seen from Diary of a passion; well, we exaggerate.

Officially, Juanpa Zurita made his debut as an actor

hombre rubio con saco y hombreras

And yes, he looks like the young Alex Basteri, younger brother of Luis Miguel.

And everything was going “normal” until…

hombre rubio en pantalla

To the scene of Luismi premiering your video clip When it heats up in the sun, that he could not be in another place but in a famous club of the beaches of Acapulco, and among the guests at the disco you can see a gallant man tan providing: the real Luis Miguel!

Here is the epic moment

[embedded content]

💖 Minute 0:29 💖

We can not wait for next Sunday

Will there be more cameos of personalities from real life?