15 Accessories and garments transparent so cool it will give all the nostalgia of the 90

The Fashion Week of Paris 2018 has officially begun, and the big designers have introduced new and risky proposals that have definitely managed to surprise the attendees. But one of the more interesting designs has to do with a material, in specific: the plastic.

Pinterest had already predicted in its recommendations for fashion, but brands such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, Céline and Chanel presented their garments made with this material, which had already been the protagonist in the 90s, and this year is conquering the street-style accessories such as bags, raincoats, hats and even shoes.

1. The raincoats transparent look fantastic

Chica usando una chaqueta con transparencias

2. You need a maxi bags in shades of gray

Bolso transparente con color gris

3. What do you think a sexy sheer skirt to go out to a nightclub?

Chica usando un pantalón con transparencias

4. A transparent bag of Chanel will give you the elegance you are looking for

Bolsa transparente de chanel

5. Belts great are back and what better that are transparent

Chica usando un cinturón en la cintura de color verde con transparencias

6. This type of lenses will enhance your look and style

Lentes con transparencias

7. A boots pretty weird, creation of Chanel

Chica usando unas botas transparentes

8. Definitely yes, you need a clutch transparent

Clutch hecho de plástico

9. The hats will help you during rainy days

Bolso y sombrero transparente de chanel

10. The bracelets made of acrylic are becoming the statement of style

Pulsera cuadrada hecha con acrílico

11. With a backpack and you’ll be feeling in the school

Mochila transparente con correas rosas

12. A neck-transparent will give a different touch to your looks

Cuello con transparencias y estoperoles

13. Remember to bring only what is needed in a small bag

Bolso de mano con correas de cadena y hecho con transparencia

14. Or if you prefer, choose a briefcase for added comfort

Bolso transparente de chanel

15. I have only one question: does anyone use this?

Chica usando unas botas y guantes transparentes