10 Telenovelas latinas with which every teenager is hooked… Even in its repetitions

For years, the dramas of love that showed up in the tv managed to snag more than one person, and that is something that even the best series Netflix going to overcome ever. You know, soap operas not only had entertaining stories that made us dream with the idea of an impossible love, but also had attractive male protagonists that made everything more entertaining.

Some of the stories we have stolen the heart, as the antics of the children in Cómplices al rescate , or the follies of the teenage Rebel and the entanglement loving of Love in custody, do you remember him? In case not, here are 10 of the most famous novels of Latin america.

1. Floricienta

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It was without a doubt one of the best soap operas. The story revolves around a Flower, a girl, an orphan, who works and spends his free time singing in a band with his friends. The fate of Flower suddenly changes when she attends a lavish mansion to sing.

2. Friends and rivals

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It tells the story of four girls who belong to different social classes and have different personalities, but they maintain a friendship that helps to resolve problems with alcohol, drugs, money, and sexuality.

3. Rebel

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Not only caused a sensation as a soap opera, it also acted as the musical group RBD. The story talks about a group of young people living in a prestigious school where they share adventures, find love and form a band that makes them disclosed to their parents.

4. Ruby

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Ruby is a girl ambitious who belongs to a humble family, but that doesn’t stops, because you will be able to do anything to become a millionaire, even play with the love of several men.

5. Las Juanas

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When Juana Valentina decides to find out who is your true father, discovers that he has four sisters, all have one feature in common: a birthmark in the shape of a fish. The personalities of each do that the story is full of fun and high drama.

6. I am Betty, The Ugly

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“Ugly” is as Beatriz has been called throughout his life, but that changes when he begins to work in a prestigious colombian company. There he met the love, friendship and suffering.

7. Teresa

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The story of Teresa is an adaptation of the novel Ruby, but the character of Angelique Boyer makes all change: the actress gives a touch of cynicism and frivolity to Teresa, which is why many people love it and hate it.

8. When to be mine

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Teresa Suárez, better known as Pigeon, is a woman who works as a picker in the coffee fields of a hacienda. When the owner dies, she knows one of her grandchildren, and falls madly. What Teresa didn’t expect is that their relationship is becoming involved in the deceptions and suffering until you finally get to be happy with the love of your life.

9. Avenida Brasil

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Rita struggles to recover the life that her stepmother snatched, even if that means to face the hate, cruelty, and ambition. However, Rita will discover that everything can pass through more easily if it is brave.

10. Maria la del barrio

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It tells the story of a girl who is humble and falls in love with a man a millionaire. As the plot progresses, you can see the woes that Maria lives, only to ultimately have the life that you have always dreamed of, next to the love of his life and his family.