15 Reasons why ‘silent’ is the horror movie that will leave you mute for ever

The list of movies that we can enjoy this year is pretty good. The genres range from action, drama, humor, and, of course!, you should never miss a bit of suspense. Speaking of the latter, a few weeks ago, premiered a film that everyone is talking about: A place in silence.

The destruction and a terrible silence is the only thing that remained in the Earth. In the middle of a devastating panorama, a family will have to find a way to survive and end up with the cause of the silence. The tape has only three minutes of dialogue, but it’s enough to leave you completely trapped. If you still ask what is the secret that makes this movie something great, here are 15 reasons why you should go to discover the mystery.

1. The main characters have to survive in a world in silence

Escena de la película un lugar en silencio, familia caminando por el bosque

A large part of humanity has been destroyed by strange monsters that attack when they hear sound, so the family learns sign language to communicate.

2. Blend of several genres

Escena de la película un lugar en silencio, niños corriendo

It is not completely suspense, there are moments of science fiction and other horror.

3. It was meant to be the sequel to Cloverfield

Escena de la película Cloverfield

But after several meetings, the director and the producers decided that everything had to be independent, and how good that was as well. Watch the trailer here.

4. Silence is the main creator of the tension

Escena de la película un lugar en silencio

As its name says, is a place in silence, so that the film has almost no dialogue or ambient sounds, only three minutes of conversation. But what makes it different is the music, which appears in key moments, making it create a tremendous amount of stress.

5. The faces of the actors makes the story is understood to the perfection

Escena de la película un lugar en silencio

Is used sign language and the actors express their emotions through the face, and make it so perfect, can pass the happiness to the horror of one moment to another.

6. Emily Blunt takes the standing ovation

Gif Película un lugar en silencio

The scene has most stressful of the entire film and with his face conveys all of the emotions you can imagine, from the nervousness, the courage, through the fear until you reach the peace.

7. The protagonists are married, so their chemistry is awesome

Emily Blunt junto a su esposo en una cena de gala

Emili Blunt and John Krasinski are married in real life and on the tape. That’s why from the start show a great connection, even, manage to convey their love outside of the screen.

8. Speaking of Kasinski, he is also the director

John Krasinski actuando en una película

A place in silence is his debut as a director and manages to shine in and out of the camera.

9. One of the stars of the film who is deaf in real life

Actriz Millicent Simmonds en una alfombra roja

Millicent Simmonds is the girl who plays the eldest daughter of the marriage and is deaf. Krasinski wanted the actress out deaf in real life to be able to give more realism to the film.

10. When it opened it was a success with the critics

Escena de la película un lugar en silencio, padre callando a su hijo

He managed to get 97 percent of approval among critics, a number good enough. And that’s not all, it also managed to dethrone Black Panther from the box office.

11. Also Chris Pratt and Ryan Rynolds is recommended

Critica de Ryan Reynols sobre un lugar en silencio

If you do not believe in the words of film critics, then you have to know that Chris Pratt and Ryan Rynolds enjoyed it so much that they recommend and you know, his word is the law.

12. The film will make you think if you could live in silence

Emili Blunt en la película un lugar en silencio

Can you imagine living without listening to music, watching television? It would be quite stressful, right?

13. Will keep you on the edge of the seat

Escena de la película un lugar en silencio, esposos mirandose

None of the sequences is boring, be assured that it will always be a scene more surprising than the previous one.

14. All is mystery, mystery and more mystery

Actor de la película un lugar en silencio guardando silencio

Before you see it you will fill up any doubts about what you are about to see and then you’ll wonder: what the hell did I just see?

15. Do you want another reason? Best watch the trailer and convince yourself

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You will not regret it.