Ariana Grande launches easy surprise; and a hopeful tribute to the victims in Manchester

Almost a year on from the attacks of Manchester during a concert of Ariana Grande, the exestrella Nickelodeon returned to music to pay tribute to the victims of the explosions of may 22, 2017. Ariana is the type of artist who lives grateful for his fans, proof of this is the concert posthumously to the tragedy, who offered next to almost a dozen international artists such as Pharrell Williams, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, among others.

However, the singer of 24 years old still has much to give to their fans and in a surprise return to the networks, announced a new single and with it its music video, which, along with a joyous melody and a lyric full of hope, paid homage to the victims of Manchester. That’s our girl!

Four months after a silence in the networks

Ariana came back to tweet, and he did so with a couple of encrypted messages. All with the text upside down, in a kind of a premiere: “Friday”, “No tears left to cry” and “4.20”, referring to the date April 20.

No Tears Left To Cry’ is a tribute to the victims of Manchester

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And the fans what we discovered from the first seconds of the song.

His lyrics have an inspirational message

In this moment I’m in a state of mind

And I want to stay as well

Not left me tears for crying

I’m collecting, I’m collecting

I’m loving, I’m living, I’m collecting

A bee in the video clip confirmed the theory

The symbol of the city of Manchester is a bee, and after the epic concert of Ariana in memory and for the benefit of the victims of the attacks of may 22, 2017, she and part of her crew, including choreographers, tatuaron a bee as a sign of tribute.

The fact that Ariana dropped a bee in the final scene of your video clip symbolizes a scar that has healed and that, somehow, is letting go of the sadness after the tragedy that marked his career.

We are happy of the happiness in Ariana

And her song is full of energy and sounds that, or yes, you will dance.