Goodbye singleness! Mario Casas and Blanca Suarez have a romance and already can’t hide it any more

Thanks to Mario Casas has become one of the actors of the moment, hundreds of girls are dying to go out with him. But the actor is not of those who go through life breaking hearts, it is a very private man, devoted to his family and to his work. Some years ago she had an affair with María Valverde, actress who starred in the film Three meters above the sky. After a few years came out with Berta Vázquez, and even though their relationship was going great, finished.

Since then, Mario was alone, but just when we thought that it would be an eternal bachelor, the love came back into your life. Mario Casas and Blanca Suarez are no longer stuck and is that since you posted a picture of them kissing, they both decided it was best to let go and enjoy your relationship. Yes, our dear Hache has left the singleness.

The chemical transferred the screen

Mario Casas y Blanca Suárez abrazados en la serie el barco

Players have being friends since they agreed in 2010 in the filming of the movie Flesh of neon, but it was not until he starred in the series The Boat that we could see a remarkable chemistry between them. Their characters they threw around so much tenderness that the fans could not stop picturing them together, but they were just good friends until a few months ago when they are reunited.

Have left to hide

Beso entre Mario Casas y Blanca Suárez

After weeks filled with rumors and encounters to hidden, White, and Mario is finally allowed to see together walking on the streets of Madrid in the most romantic way possible: kissing and signs of affection never diminished.

Already spend more evenings together

Mario Casas y Blanca Suárez juntos en una alfombra roja

Last weekend, after work, the protagonist of The girls in the cable addressed to the house of Mario, where he stayed to sleep to spend more time together; they enjoyed a feast between friends, asked for food, and the morning of Monday, the actress left the house.

Many fans are delighted with this new romance

Mario Casas y Blanca Suárez juntos en la premiere de una plícula

Although none of the two have confirmed or denied their relationship, so there is no doubt that many of their fans are delighted with the idea of becoming the couple of the moment.