15 Hobbies that are a remedy for the soul after ending a relationship

When you break with the person you complements and you feel unconditional, comes a difficult period of mourning. Your routine changes when you delete from your agenda to your partner, you start to miss your daily messages and it is difficult to let go of all those emotions contained. The process of adaptation leads to a feeling of loneliness and overwhelm.

If you’ve had a shine recent, you feel abandoned and a little boring, it is best to start a new hobby. Begins to move, to release these feelings to be irrational and do something that will benefit your person in a positive way. Then you’ll be able to explore options that will help you to reacquaint yourself with you and help you to say goodbye to the cycle that ended.

1. Takes classes of dance

bailarinas brincando

What hurts the soul? Do you need some joy in your heart? Then she dances, there are many kinds of dance: jazz, salsa, Arabic dance, ballet, to hip hop. Move your body, shake your sadness, laugh a lot and even thou shalt make new friends.

2. Find your internal music

chica tocando piano

It is never too late to immerse yourself in the world of music, through the sounds and sad songs you can find the comfort very special. Sing all of those melodies that your heart wants to shout, learn to play the ukulele or the guitar. Perhaps your thing is the battery because you love the rock, do not be afraid and explore your passions in music.

3. Learn a new language

bonjour gif

Can’t stop thinking about your ex? Then start to use your mind to work on something more interesting, such as new words, expressions and sounds. Just think of the language that you’ve always wanted to learn, and give yourself the opportunity to do so; you’ll meet new people, and it is possible that you can end up going out with an Italian sensual or a German gentleman.

4. Do you like to design your wardrobe

chica cosiendo

Sewing can be a activity that is very addictive, you can start with something simple like turn a pair of jeans into shorts or designing a skirt. Join sewing class or follow a tutorial to learn how to make dresses of summer. Will keep you busy and you will have unique sets, made by you.

5. Kick ass in a martial art

chicas boxeando

Perhaps you’re upset and you really want to cry, it is part of grief to feel anger. The best way to let her go, without hurting someone, is to take a class that involves punches and kicks. A lesson of karate, krav maga or boxing can help release these tensions. Download with a sand bag or your colleagues adequately protected, while torneas the legs and you prettier than ever.

6. Take a cooking class or baking with friends

chicas horneando pastelillos

An afternoon of baking cookies with grandma or your best friends can be very pleasant. It is time to become a chef and enjoy a good time with good company. Learn to make your dish preferred, the cake that you’ve always wanted to try, no matter if it comes off like that in the tutorial from Youtube; the main objective is that you have fun.

7. Test a new form of exercise

chicas haciendo twerk

Exercise is the fastest way of hitting the feelings blue: hopelessness and sadness. Start moving your body to generate endorphins, which are a source of good mood and energy. Take a class of some activity exciting that catches your attention and convivas with exceptional women. Something as fun as lessons in theme dub twerk, yoga, pole fitness or aerial dance.

8. Go to the nature

chica de paseo en la naturaleza

Nothing concentrates more of the soul than to visit the dominions of the mother Earth, a walk to the mountains, a long walk in the countryside, sit in front of a lake. All of these things calm the spirit in stormy times. You just need a pair of sports shoes or boots very comfortable, to follow a trail, and marvel at the scenery of the nature.

9. Take your passport and traveling

chica en una ciudad europea

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, it is time to put together the suitcase and go away for a couple of days or a whole month in some distant place. Travel is the perfect activity to be with yourself, to marvel in the world and meet interesting people. To discover it is sometimes necessary to miss.

10. Become a master of DIY


When you end a relationship you realize all the time that invertías in live with that person, now you have an extra couple of hours. Instead of being in bed crying it is best to put hands to work and give a makeover to your room, on Pinterest there are a gigantic number of tutorials for you to reuse objects or to paint the nails. Brings out that side of the craft and have fun for a couple of hours creating jewelry.

11. Knitting is an excellent choice to relax

toma clases de tejido

Knitting is an activity that is very satisfactory, you can learn with tutorials on Youtube. You can start with a scarf with a frame, or telling your grandmother that you instruct in the art of making a sweater with two needles.

12. Take photography classes

clases de fotografía

Give a twist to your account of Instagram, join a club of photos and learn basic tricks to make your account look better than ever. Capturing landscapes, details of flowers or people of the city. You’ll have fun when you go out for a walk and you might find that photography is your passion.

13. Write your experiences

escribe un diario

You have a lot of feelings and thoughts that will only make your head feel fuzzy. Then taking pen and paper, a typewriter or a text document, and plasma all that ails you. You can invent an account, compose poems of lost loves, or perhaps just a new blog about cats. You will feel more peaceful after you empty of your memories in writing.

14. Become a volunteer

selena gomez voluntaria

Helping others gives you inner peace very large, you can visit elders in a nursing home, donate toys to the orphans or to support victims of a natural disaster. If you prefer you can walk dogs from local shelters or even help your little brother to do the task.

15. Plasma your ideas with paint

chica taller de arte

Take an art workshop or painting classes will help you to explore your creative side and to let out some emotions. You’ll be busy, playing with colors and, who knows, maybe inside of you alive as an artist.