20 nail Designs are so original that they will return to your hands the center of attention

Decorarte nails is an art, whether you do it yourself, that the expert will be your best friend or are girls that prefer to visit a manicurist for professional. Many times there are so many trends that you don’t know what to choose.

On the web there are so many designs from the simplest lines, and, until some more elaborate with leaves and flowers. That is why we decided to gather more ideas for which you want to change your nails every day.

1. Eyes on a background very psychedelic

 Uñas con ojitos

2. White flowers on a pink background

Uñas con flores blancas

3. A very heart geometric

uñas con corazón

4. An outline of the two-for-one

Uñas con lunitas de colores

5. A French red very sexy

frances en rojo

6. White polka dots that you can do with pins and pencils

uñas con lunares blancos

7. Uses all the colors that you want

escala de tonalidades

8. Stars white on all sides


9. Leaves of palm tree very tropical

uñas tropicales

10. A lot of glitter and a heart

uñas con mucho gliter y corazones

11. You can add a little glitter to the base of your nails

uñas con glitter

12. Hexagons calculus to give light to your manicure

uñas con cola de sirena

13. Crystals with the form of petals to the more girly

uñas con piedritas bonitas

14. Half a color and half of another

uñas con dos colores

15. Uses a uniform tone, but avoids painting the base of your nails

frances invertido uñas

16. Takes hearts on the tips

frances de corazon uñas

17. A gradient very aquatic

uñas con degradado

18. Do you think a couple of cactus

uñas con cactus

19. A wave of light color looks great

uñas con linea

20. A little bit of glitter around your nail

uñas brillitos al rededor