Justin Bieber rescues a girl from an ex-boyfriend violent; that and more adventures in Coachella

In Indio, California, takes place during this week one of the festivals of most important art on the planet, Coachella, which has brought together the most select in the world of music, such as Beyonce or Eminem, to animate the scenarios. Of course, it is one of the appointments required for celebrities and influencers most popular of the moment, including Justin Bieber, who is as a spectator.

In an endless number of publications shared on the singer, you can see that is having fun seriously, surrounded by friends and attending parties, without fear to be as it is and enjoying it to the fullest. Without a doubt, this has been one of the weekends most extraordinary for the sexy blond: from having saved a young girl from danger, to be kicked out of an event. We will share some of the craziest adventures of the interpreter is Sorry.

A hero without a layer

justin bieber en coachella 2018

One of his exploits, most commented on was what happened on the night of the 15th of April, when Bieber was seen saving a woman in distress. According to reports, a man, possibly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, went to the same place it was in the canadian to the side of his friend Patrick Shwarzenneger; act followed, the individual reached to see a woman, who possibly was his ex. He walked toward her and took her by the neck.

Justin did not hesitate in going to his rescue, hitting the man in the face, dragging it towards the wall and allowing the girl to escape from their abuser; of course, the man was expelled from the party. According to TMZ, that same night the guy was seen chasing and hitting an SUV, while shouting the name of Bieber.

Justin just wants to have fun

Another moment of great Bieber was when a fan recorded it dancing a song from the popular mexican band.

It kills Me of laughter seeing Justin Bieber dancing to a song of The Angels Blue to Coachella. I’m shocked.

He saw all the artists that could

Justin Bieber truly was to see the child Yodeling Walmart in Coachella. I’ve seen it all.

Captured while he was having fun as a wizard more.

Happy life

My brother just sent me this video of Justin Bieber dancing at Coachella. I am so jealous. I would like to be there.

But not everything was laughter and joy

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The portal of news about celebrities, TMZ reported that the blonde was kicked out of the VIP room during the concert of Drake Saturday night. He was escorted by force by one of the managers of campus security.

A normal man

I love how Justin is having fun at Coachella, as if they were Justin Bieber.

Fans of the singer are fascinated and very happy that the young 24-year-old is just having fun and celebrating that you do not feel annoyed or harassed by the paparazzi.

Fully enjoying

Justin Bieber at Coachella 2018 is my new favorite thing to see. Looked so good and it was the most beautiful surrounded by friends and without being harassed by the crowd waiting to take photos with him. I am glad that you are living your best life right now.

Although there are still some days for Coachella to end their edition of 2018, without a doubt, these last few days have been full of adrenaline…. And there is still so much to see.