12 Reasons Beyonce stole the show at Coachella; it was the presentation of the decade!

During the last two decades, Coachella has established itself as one of the festivals of music and art most representative in the East bay of California, in the united States. Through the years, the festival’s most eagerly-awaited in the scene of pop has been seen parading all sorts of artists and groups, but never in its history someone had stolen the show, as did Beyoncé. The queen B exceeded all expectations on Saturday the 14th of April last, during his first weekend as a lead artist.

This is the first time that an african american woman estelariza the popular festival. For the hundreds of boys and girls who didn’t have a chance to watch it, we settle with the best of Queen B in Coachella, and 12 reasons was the presentation of the decade.

1. Beyoncé took to Coachella

mujer shorts cabello rubio botas

Coachella used to be a festival of music that differed by not carrying an artist owner in its repertoire. This is history, because 2018 was the year that Beyonce stopped short of other great artists on the official notice as The Weeknd, Eminem, Jamiroquai, and Tayler the Creator.

2. The dream of any fan of Queen B

See enter to Beyonce as a total queen to the beat of Crazy in Love should be an experience from another world; goodbye, I am dead, it is too!

3. Internet renamed this festival

Has stopped called Coachella, from now on it #Beychella

4. The meeting surprise: it Destiny’s Child!

Since it was months ago it was speculated this reunion. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams hinted with clues on their social networks about a possible reunion at Coachella. The theory became a reality and we have to thank the life.

5. Iconic

sombra tres mujeres en escenario beyoncé destinys child

I try to find words, but there’s no other way to describe it. This has surpassed the presentation of Beyoncé at the Superbowl 2013.

6. Five changes of clothing

Beyoncé mujer morena cinco cambios de ropa botas shorts

All filled with care in the details and symbolisms that represent an emblematic figure: the queen bee.

7. Beyoncé and Solange Knowles to give us a new tradition

Solange invited to the stage to Beyoncé during her performance at #Coachella 2014. Now Bey did the same thing. Tenderness 😭

8. We need to talk about these boots

mujer shorts cabello rubio botas

The pair of boots with spongy material and iridescent with the that Bey started the show were hand-made exclusively for her in collaboration with Blamain. The design was inspired in his most recent collection fall-winter 2018 the luxury brand in French fashion.

9. Jay – Z went “to greet”

And sang together one of their best collaborations, Deja Vu, a song that has become an anthem in his, for good or for evil, iconic relationship.

10. Rihanna was in the front row

His smile says it all.

11. Adele, like us, enjoyed the show from his home

And it was the best Saturday so far this year!

12. “The presentation of the decade”

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What we have decided, the presentation of Beyoncé at Coachella not only won the festival and its first weekend; your show was a gift from Bey fans, attendees and those who only thanks to the Internet we can see it (damn poverty!).

The best!

mujer rubia aplaudiendo y llorando mariah gif

The best show of the last 10 years. Thanks, Queen B.