I alert reconciliation! The Weeknd and Bella Hadid were spotted kissing at Coachella

It was Friday night, Coachella, and The Weeknd… almost breaks down emotionally on the stage singing about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez; but after she performed Wasted Times, that speaks about the love towards Bella Hadid, another of his ex-girlfriend.

Sources close to The Weeknd and Bella made sure that the model was among the crowd during the presentation of the singer and, according to the media E! and Us Weekly, the two spent the night together, kissing and being tender.

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According to reports from E!:

Spent the whole night together and they left together. Bella seemed genuinely happy. Were definitely supercariñosos, acurrucaban each other while they spent time with their friends.

The samples of honey were on the rise…

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The source of Us Weekly was more descriptive:

They were completely on top of each other, kissed each other a couple of times. The two were making out and being affectionate while she sat on his lap. They are 100 percent in love.

Bella has not stopped loving him

pareja d enovios vistiendo del mismo color de ropa

Bella never changed her feelings for Abel, and I was hoping that finally they return to be together.
-Sources to the magazine E!

Additionally, E! reported that Beauty and The Weeknd have been talking about in the last few months. In November 2017, the singer was seen coming out of the department of Bella in the city of New York, after having ended their relationship with Selena Gomez.

However, his love could not have a happy ending

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Bella and The Weeknd parted ways in November of 2016, two months before he and Selena began their relationship of 10 months.

They are watching in secret, and are not dating officially. This may be due in part to Abel (The Weeknd) is coming out openly with other women, and Bella wants to be your partner’s exclusive.
-Sources to the magazine E!

The Weeknd was caught with another woman after being with Bella

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If the source of E! tell the truth, this would explain why The Weeknd was seen on Saturday in a situation affectionate with Chantel Jeffries, also ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. Both were embracing each other, she recharged her head on his shoulder whenever I could. And he simply seemed not to remember Bella.