15 Clothing items every girl cool you can combine the season of spring

For those who want to always go out of fashion and be aware of the latest trends, it can sometimes be difficult to renew the wardrobe every season; in addition, it is not an option financially just to many girls.

However, the key is to go for clothing and accessories, each main station. Instead of renewing your outfits, you just need to give them a modern touch. That’s why we tell you what are the basics of spring that can not miss in your wardrobe this 2018.

1. A romper with flowers for an afternoon of sun

chica modelando un sombrero

2. Dresses fabrics and a touch boho

chica mirando el mar

3. Blouses off the shoulders for the sensuality

chica sentada en los escalones

4. The shirts and denim are still the perfect complement

chica modelando una chaqueta de mezclilla

5. The spaghetti straps give you a cute look

chica tomándose selfie frente al espejo

6. Blouses halter style and chic

chica usando top de color marrón

7. Skirts crossed for a sophisticated look

chica usando una falda cruzada de color negro

8. Shorts for a look that’s urban, cool and comfortable

chica usando shorts de mezclilla

9. Blouses with laces to show your daring side

chica recargada en flores

10. Maxivestidos, and an afternoon of friends

chica modelando maxi vestido color vino

11. Let your kimono out of the closet

chica modelando un kimono primaveral

12. Loose-fitting garments for any body type

chica usando un vestido floreado

13. Blouses with transparencies and extrafrescura

chica usando blusas transparentes

14. Your short version is perfect for use in spring

chica usando overol de mezclilla

15. Pants paper bag and waists pronounced

chica usando pantalon de color vino