Guy loses 32 pounds and happens to have round cheeks look BETTER than prince of Disney

Many people share his change of image after embracing healthy eating habits, coupled with a regular exercise routine, and end up being so attractive that they become viral. As Jeffrey Kendall, a guy who suffered from being overweight and depression at the age of 24.

The 26 looks completely different, then you have lost 70 pounds, approximately 32 kilograms. Now the users of the platform, Reddit can’t get enough of to compare it to prince Adam of beauty and The beast. Do you ready to know him?

Jeffrey lived with his mom, who suffered a brain trauma

jeffrey kendall

My mother was discharged from the hospital and returned home after seven months, but not improved; the health insurance ended and I was standing. I saw myself in that time, he had a lot of time fighting against my self-image and depression.

Things changed when one of his friends invited him to the gym

jeffrey kendall

I started from the bottom. I went with my friend and we started with a light workout, lifting 20 kilos on the bar and I made a commitment to do push ups every day.

After joined morning walks

jeffrey kendall

Soon I started to get up and start my day with a walk under the sun, listening to The Beatles, and music by the style, that lifts the soul and gives it a bit of a waddle to my step. After came back home and helped my mom; in the evening I started practicing yoga.

Chico depressed prince

jeffrey kendall
Now Jeffrey makes videos to inspire others to change their lives, in addition, it includes exercise routines.

“It feels good to see the reward after years of work”

jeffrey kendall

I spent a lot of time looking to be more confident and value myself more, because those insecurities don’t go away by magic. But I feel that at least I can keep my head high and be just as valuable to any person who is cruising with me.

Jeffrey found himself and is now happier than ever

jeffrey kendall

More than two years ago, since I got tired of being in my bed, I began thinking if it would be possible to be who I always wanted to. But I found that I’ve always been that person.

Not only lost weight, but also their fears

jeffrey kendall

I lost a lot of weight, a lot of sadness and a bit of facial hair. I gained a new way of valuing life. Remember to love themselves.

Man Loses 70 Pounds And Now Looks Like a Disney Prince