10 eating Habits that you need to adhere with discipline to reduce inflammation of the belly

To lose those extra kilos you have to invest time in taking care of your diet. In the same way, you’ll have to devote to exercise your body a few hours a week. Slimming down requires dedication and discipline, developing healthy habits and a lot of willpower.

Sometimes you just have to leave food irritants to desinflamen of your intestines and to drink plenty of water to realize that the diet is working. Then we’ll give you a few tips that will help you to lose weight and have a positive impact on your health stomach.

1. Desapégate emotionally from the food

gif comiendo chocolates

You can’t be eating every time you feel sad or stressed, you must learn to differentiate the feeling of existential emptiness of hunger. Each time you feel anxiety try filling you up with foods with a lot of water, as the cucumber or the celery, so you’ll control your concern without giving a binge of potato chips or chocolates.

2. Prepare your food

prepara tus alimentos

Nothing better than home cooked meal because it controls the type of oils and seasonings that brings, many times street food or packaged are higher in fats and sugars we don’t need. It is best that you maintain an intake of organic products, baked, or steamed, instead of the options of fried.

3. Avoid eating food after 21 hours

evita comer en la noche

The best thing is that for dinner two hours before you go to bed to give your body the time needed to start the process of digestion. Eat at the wee hours of the night usually includes food options that are unhealthy, rich in fat and sugar, such as fast food or pastries.

4. Stop buying treats

deja de comer dulces

Away cakes, cookies and sweets from your pantry, keep them out of your reach so that you don’t fall into the temptation of devouring a box of these sugary products. Best buy fruits, vegetables and nuts, check out the portions and eat them as a snack healthy.

5. Start eating vegetables

ensalada de fajitas de pollo

When it is time to eat, it starts by the salad. The vegetables are very light, low in calories and provide many vitamins. You’ll feel mildly sated and then you can supplement with your protein portion to be satisfied.

6. Concentrate when you chew it

disfruta lo que comes

It is important that at the time of eating you are conscious of what you bring to the mouth; eat for pleasure, enjoy each bite and make sure to chew everything. This habit makes you relax and satisfy at the right time, without excess.

7. Sleep like a bear

sleep audrey hepburn

Studies of the University of Chicago have shown that sleep helps to burn fat, so choose a disc of natural sounds, light a incense and surrender yourself to relaxation. Your body needs eight hours straight without a break to recover from training routines and free yourself from the stress of daily life.

8. Reminds you to keep hydrated


Always keep in mind that your body needs two litres of water a day, many times it is easy to confuse thirst with hunger. Remember that your body has an average of 65 percent of H2O distributed between your internal organs, muscles, and skin. It is very important to your vital functions the intake of this liquid, because it helps to eliminate toxic substances and to carry nutrients to your cells.

9. Don’t forget to exercise


You do not need to invest hours in the gym to see changes in your body. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, showed that with 30 minutes of daily exercise you can lose enough weight and gain muscle. Just find any routine and easy to move around.

10. Use your imagination

donut eating GIF-downsized_large

Scientists from the University of Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh, the united States, they discovered that when you are craving sweets and chocolates it is best to imagine eating them to calm the feeling.