10 movie Recommendations on Netflix for a night of comedy and laughter

Let’s be honest, we are already tired of that the only suggestions of movies that appear in our account with Netflix to be the romance or the suspense and terror, right? Once in a while you need to spend a night laughing wildly in order to forget a little of the stress that surrounds us and above all to be able to release the tension that there is in our lives.

In the platform most famous streamig there are a few comedy films that you can laugh very strong, but that’s not all, they are also perfect to be enjoyed in the company of your best friend on a Friday night when you choose not to go out of den, it’s the perfect plan! Now, you just have to get a lot of junk food and find these 10 movies from Netflix that will make you laugh quite a bit.

1. A war movie

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Starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Blac, Danny McBride, Steve Coogan, Jay Baruchel and Tom Cruise, the film tells the story of a few actors that are going to the jungle to burn a movie that in the end it ends up being real.

2. Jackass: the movie

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If you like practical jokes, then this movie is for you. The series made famous in the 90s was brought to the big screen, and now Netflix has it available.

3. Deathgasm

Películas de comedia en netflix

This film new zealand is full of spells, satanic metal, and a romance very funny, so you can’t perdértela.

4. Hot Fuzz: superpolicías

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The films of the English Edgar Wright deserve a place on this list. It tells the story of a policeman sent to a small town to maintain order, in the way encounters a series of mysteries that needs to resolve with his partner, Danny Butterman.

5. What fault does the child have

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The comedy mexican talks about a funny situation that it can happen to anyone. Maru and Renato do not know, but after a night of partying, his life changes completely. Both will have to decide how to deal with the responsibility of being parents, something that was not in their plans.

6. What and where are the blondes?

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It is a classic that should not miss on your list of movies favorite. Besides action, the movie has dancing, fights between girls and a lot of humor.

7. Good neighbors

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Zac Efron is the main reason to see it, but also because the story focuses on a family that you want to destroy at all costs a fraternity to be able to live peacefully.

8. My girlfriend zombie

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After his girlfriend Beth died, Zach is totally devastated. What you may not know is that Beth comes back from the dead and is willing to have a second chance to love you, even though you have to resist eating it.

9. This is the end

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Starring James Franco, the story tells of six celebrities that will survive the apocalypse. Have No where to go, only have a luxurious mansion, little food and water… and eager to have fun.

10. When we first met

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Noah is transported to the past in a photo booth magic and relive again and again in the night in which he met his platonic love, only to try to convince her to fall in love with him. If you want to remember a love that left you marked, this movie is perfect for that.