¡Alpha female gives you a kick to monogamy; it Lives with her husband, her fiancé and two boyfriends!

The term poly-amorous refers to a couple’s formal relationship with other persons, being all too aware of this. That style of life has become increasingly more common, however, in some parts of the world it is illegal and you could go to prison for keeping a relationship of this type.

Whenever someone speaks of relationships poliamorosas we wonder if they actually work. Mary Crumpton, 44 years old, lives in Chorlton and has commented publicly about their relationship, claiming that this kind of love works perfectly.

Although she swore in front of the altar, she could not love a single man

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I was raised in a home very traditional. I had boyfriends and was monogamous. Never really crossed my mind to have more than one partner. In my 20s I got married and went to live in Chorlton with the idea of being with my husband all life.

Mary ventured to polygamy when he was 29 years of age, after marriage to Tim, her current husband, because he noticed that although he loved his partner never ceased to feel attraction for other men, so we decided to split up, but life would find.

Mary decided to open her heart to those who wished to love her

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The idea of loving more than one person does not make me a terrible person came to me when I was in a pub and I came across someone with more than one partner. Never before had thought or in the term ‘poliamor’, which means ‘more love’. I was in shock and I was curious about how it would work.

Your husband understood your way of loving

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My husband had a similar experience with a friend. It was like a revelation. I realized that I had been ‘programmed’ all my life, love more than one person now seems to me the most natural thing in the world and I can’t imagine that would be different.

Her husband, for his part, also began to feel curious about this form of relationship, and it was thanks to this that they decided to reconcile and try again, adding more people to your life.

Now you have a poly-amorous relationship with 5 men

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The beautiful thing about this life is that with more than one partner there is no pressure for a single person to meet all my needs.

Now Mary and her husband’s Time living under the same roof as her fiancé, John. In addition, she has appointments consistent with their two boyfriends, Michael and James, who occasionally visited at the house of John.

Although this type of relationship has advantages, according to those who decided to live it, not everyone will agree with it.