These stories Instagram show that Demi Lovato has NO time to hate your body

Demi Lovato is a strong woman who has managed to break into the world of entertainment-based talent, hard work and perseverance; but it has not been without its problems it brings about to become a star. Among the difficulties more strong to face the famous is the constant struggle to maintain a perfect figure.

This kind of beliefs, in which the body of women who devote themselves to the show business has to be a role model to young people, the only thing you have caused is that the same famous feel so pressured that they end up falling into the excesses.

Perfectly imperfect

demi lovato

Demi has stated on several occasions that it maintains a constant struggle against herself for her figure: she was a victim of bulimia and had many eating problems, combined with the addictions that nearly cost him his life.

Currently, Lovato is proud of who he is, what he has achieved and tries to help other people who are going through the same situation, and what better than showing through the social networks that is not a supermodel but a human being beautiful, full of imperfections.

Is loves as is

demi lovato estrías

Demi published in their stories of Instagram some photographs that have caused upheaval around the world, which shows some of the “defects” that you have now learned to accept love.

The 25-year-old showed her stretch marks and their lonjitas in one of the images.

93% of women have it

demi lovato celulitis

He then shared his orange skin, completely happy for it.

A message of love by the same

demi lovato estrías

Finally, he wanted to share with all his fans that, despite the fact that there is a space between her legs, she was still beautiful.

Congrats, Demi

demi lovato sin maquillaje

This great gesture of the singer has thrilled millions of women around the world, who have applauded his courage, security and confidence, and we have been grateful that will fight against the canons of beauty established.