Tristan Thompson tarnishes the happiness of Khloé Kardashian… it is cheating!

When Khloé Kardashian announced her new relationship with the basketball player Tristan Thompson looked cheerful, happy and very much in love with. The entrepreneur had gone through a stormy relationship and they all thought that it was time that he was happy; after you announced your pregnancy and for her there was nothing that could dampen their joy… or so he thought, because it was Tristan who was commissioned to make her suffer in the worst possible way.

The happiness of Khloé hangs in the balance. A few days of giving birth to her first daughter, the socialite discovered, thanks to the media and the social networks that the player was cheating. The rumors were many, and the portal TMZ confirmed the infidelity with compromising pictures and videos of Tristan kissing another woman.

It all began as a fairy tale

Khloé kardashian y Tristan Thompson besandose

Khloé and Tristan met in August of 2016 thanks to a blind date that a mutual friend had organized, after everything was shipshape. The couple would not stop showing off on Instagram their romance, even Khloé gave an interview in which he revealed “I never have felt the kind of love,” Tristan: “I would marry him if I asked him to. I would love to have a family, we’ve talked about it and I know he will be a father flawless”.

Khloé was hopelessly in love with Thompson

Khloé kardashian y Tristan Thompson besandose

He was everything to her, I imagined that they would spend life together and that they were going to raise her daughter in the best way. When Khloé announced her pregnancy, thanked Tristan for all your expressions of support, and especially for giving him the joy of becoming a mother even when she thought that that would never happen.

But the love story was overshadowed by the infidelity

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This is not the first time that the basketball player commits an act of infidelity; when he began to go out with Khloé it was rumored that he had left his former spouse pregnant.

In a video, apparently filmed in October 2017, you can see Tristan kissing two women; in those moments Khloé had three months of pregnancy.

And now the site TMZ revealed images and videos in which he appears accompanied by a girl while enjoy drinking in a bar. After they were caught on The Shade Room, a hotel where Tristan and the unknown came to spend the night. Thompson has been cheating regularly to Khloé

The show of support towards Khloé did not wait

GIF Khloé kardashian llorando

Neither the socialite nor the other members of the family Kardashian have expressed anything about it on the terrible news of the infidelity, however, some fans, friends and even enemies have sympathized with her and have sent him messages of support. One of the most surprised was the of Amer Rose, the former wife of Kanye West, and another of the ex-girlfriend of Tristan, Jordan Craig. Both messages were posted on their personal accounts of Instagram, Amber says so:

Mensaje de Amber Rose a Khloe Kardashian

I know that we have had our differences in the past, but my heart is broken for you, sister, no one deserves to feel this pain, especially in a time as sensitive. God bless you and your baby.

On the other hand, the former of Tristan made it clear that you are not feeling well for the difficult time by the passing Khloé:

Mensaje de la ex de tristan thompson hacia khloé

If you respect yourself and you respect others, you never burlarías of the bad fortune of someone else or you will feel redeemed at the expense of others. I wish peace to all.

In the midst of the chaos, the baby of Khloé decided it was time to be born

Khloé Kardashian embarazada

So, the baby has come into the world. Several media say that he could not fly back to Los Angeles, where he lives most of the clan Kardashian, to give light.

This Thursday, April 12, at around 4 in the morning, Khloé received his first daughter.

Her mother, her sisters and her best friends were by his side all the time. Tristan Thompson was also present, because despite everything that has happened recently, KoKo has always said that he is the father of her baby and hoped to find in the most important moments of your life.

Now there are only thousands of questions: do they stay together?, what she came back next to Kris Jenner for raising his daughter alone?, how the videos will be true? We don’t know.