15 Signs that the man with whom you go alone, you are using; friend, date, account

It is true, not all men are the same, but there are many who have the habit of using and taking advantage of women in different ways. Some may be interested in your money, in a night of passion, or, even, seeking to help them to cover up their homosexuality closet.

If you think that boy so special that you started a relationship you are not taking things seriously, and even have come to think that you are using in any way, these are the keys that need to be secure and out of your life definitely, before you do more damage.

1. Ignores you

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Although it is assumed that you are dating, most of the time do not exist for him, and only communicates with you when he wants something.

2. There is No speech about the future

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If you have never mentioned the possibility of having a more formalized relationship with you, then there’s something wrong.

3. Prevents that you get to know the people closest to

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If in many occasions you have been denied the possibility to meet their friends, is that in reality not interested to take things further.

4. Just looking for you to satisfy your needs

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Is never available to other types of activities, and most of the times just look in your house to “watch movies”.

5. You pay almost all

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Always has an excuse to avoid paying the account, and you end up paying to go out with him.

6. Always manages to make gifts

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If you have noticed that when you go out you mentioned that you want a certain object, but for some reason it is impossible to afford it, then you are wishing you are what you buy.

7. You are not your first choice

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In fact, even the second, because before to invite you to any event you tried someone else out with him, but had no success, so I asked you because I knew that you would be available.

8. Never have had a quote of truth

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By any pretext, refuses to have an appointment that might compromise, and always end up in your home or in yours.

9. Want to introduce you to someone

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It is assumed that they are trying to have a relationship, why do you want to introduce yourself to a guy?

10. Only comes out with you when you need support

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It is likely that you have a difficult problem and needs someone to listen.

11. Is never available

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You have asked to accompany you to the meeting of the school, but he has other plans, and it is impossible. And if you agree, you feel that you’re forcing them to do so.

12. You used to give jealousy to his ex

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Have you ever noticed that whenever you leave the meet and he behaves more affectionate with you in that moments.

13. Not adds you on their social networks

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Despite the fact that you have sent the application a couple of times, he avoids you to be friends on Facebook, and gives you a thousand reasons not to do so.

14. No matter your security

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After an encounter leaves you to go alone and don’t question how you have arrived home.

15. Never invites you to his parents ‘ home

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But when it does, maybe invites only for pretend because in reality you have a fear of accepting their sexuality.