15 Signs that you’re a girl with a heart colder than a glacier

You are a girl of nature stoic, that is to say, samples strength and mastery over yourself, especially in difficult times. You prefer to spend it reading, meditating and discovering the why of the universe. Your friends you say cold, but in reality you’re just reserved.

Running away from the emotions; you’re a bit like Daria and Sheldon Cooper. Then surely you will feel identified with the following list of characteristics that describe these women of a rational nature, great heart and who prefer to evade emotional issues because they have no logic whatsoever.

1. The romantic comedies will not cause any effect


2. What is supposed to make you cry… makes you laugh

merlina no sabe si reir o llorar

3. Your comments are acidic by nature

frases de daria

4. So you prefer to stay quiet

chicas platicando

5. Or talk when you ask for a hug

chica fria que no le gustan los abrazos

6. To see you cry you’re under stress and not to even think about providing emotional support

no puedes lidiar con emociones humanas

7. Do you prefer to read in solitude to live

chica leyendo sola en una cafetería

8. Your mind is going to the other side when the topic does not interest you

chicas conversando

9. They all think that you are ice

elsa manos frias

10. You prefer to stay at home to be social

amelie en su cama

11. Only your best friend has seen you depressed

meredith y cristina yang

12. You have a heart unique and no one understands

chica corazón duro

13. Once you open a layer, continue to many more

Tuit de gente fría

14. In reality you’re full of feelings

miranda-miranda-priestly llora

15. But only let out on special occasions

si tienes corazón aunque seas fria