Disney launches articles of ‘The little Mermaid’ for holidays of pool, and we need for the summer!

The sunny days arrived in the northern hemisphere and to survive the heat it is necessary to pull out the bikinis and organize pool parties. For this season have come on the market numerous floats and Disney couldn’t stay behind, which is why we revel with your new collection of The little Mermaid.

It is everything a girl can expect: beautiful towels with mermaid tail, sandals, scales are magical… and to hover over Sebastian. Everything you need to enjoy a day at the pool singing “under the sea, under the sea” with your friends.

The float of Sebastian is the best

flotador de sebastian the little mermaid la sirenita

Also, of Flounder is adorable

flotador de flounder pool party disney la sirenita the little mermaid

Don’t forget the hoodies mermaid to game

chamarras de sirena oficiales de disney la sirenita

Or the towel more beautiful than you will see

toalla de cola de sirena de la sirenita the little mermaid

Refresh with a glass of Flounder

vasito de flounder de la sirenita

You do not miss the music with this horn custom

bocina de la sirenita con bluetooth

Your drink will float you with this seahorse

flotadores para vaso tematicos de la sirenita

Could not miss a pair of sandals to get out of the water

sandalias de la sirenita

The dream of every mermaid come true

mercancia de disney de la sirenita