15 Ways to celebrate your birthday; you deserve to give you a VERY special day

Most of the girls we know that a birthday is the occasion of celebrations. Dan 7:00.m. and you hope that you wake up to The sun, your family at your side with a rich breakfast to your bed, prepared especially for you, open your first gift and get pampered all day. All we expect minimum that, or not?

However, some studies claim that half of the people don’t like celebrating their birthday, as do parties to celebrate it is not to your liking. If this is your situation, you have 15 fun plans to celebrate your special day in a completely different way.

1. Salt camp for a few days

chicas de campamento

2. Relive your inner child

chicas en los juegos mecánicos

3. Travels to another city

chica sentada sobre una maleta

4. Enjoy a picnic

chica en un picnic

5. An afternoon at the beach

chica paseando en la playa

6. A concert of your favorite music

chicas viendo un concierto

7. Bike rides

chica paseando en bicicleta

8. An afternoon of film

chicas viendo películas en su casa

9. A change of look

chicas en el salón de belleza

10. Do something you’ve always wanted

chica saltando de un paracaidas

11. Eat as much as you can

grupo de amigas comiendo hamburguesas

12. Autorregálate a spa day

chica en un día de spa

13. Sleep until late

chica durmiendo boca abajo

14. Dance to the rhythm of the night

chicas de antro

15. Enjoy your day to the fullest!

chica comiendo pastel en su cumpleaños