‘Toy Story 4’ already has a release date; we can’t wait to see it!!!

The iconic animated film from Pixar that tells the story of the toys of Andy will be back, although it already knew. The countdown started some days ago when it was announced on social networks your next release date.

Yes, we are referring to Toy Story, the tape that marked the generation of the 90’s, and that made us sing at the top of your lungs: I am your faithful friend.

Toy Story premiered in 1995

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The saga of animated more followers, it has captured over the years, took us to see the world of the toys in a very peculiar way.

4 years later, Woody and Buzz returning to the big screen

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Although the time had passed, our love for the toys remained and Pixar knew how to use it to continue with the adventures of these inseparable friends.

We had to wait 8 more years to see the continuation

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In the third installment of the adventures were, the love between Barbie and Ken was growing up, and Woody and Buzz reminded us the value of friendship.

The three tapes were directed by Lee Unkrich and John Lassater, while the fourth installment is run by Josh Cooley, who until now has directed the short films George & A. J , and how The first appointment of Riley?

Now, 10 years later, the toys are emocionándonos…

numero 4 formado con post-it

Disney and Pixar Animation Studios have made public the release date of the highly anticipated fourth installment of the adventures of Woody and Buzz: this will be the 21 of June of 2019. The confirmation has been done through Facebook and Instagram, where it appears a huge number four made with post it on a wall.

There are few details that are known about the plot of Toy Story 4 , except that Woody and Buzz will appear alongside new characters in a story where it will shine in the romantic comedy. In fact, it seems that our cowboy will live a romance with the shepherdess Bo Peep.